Chiara, Product Manager at Horse Pilot

13 April 2021

Horse Pilot Team will soon have no more secrets for you. It is Chiara’s turn, Product Manager-Coordinator at Horse Pilot, to answer our questions. profile   My name is Chiara Gruneisen, I live in Marseille, I am 35 years old and I have been married for almost 3 years.  I started my studies with an…

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Yaëlle, Sales Representative at Horse Pilot

18 February 2021

Horse Pilot Team keeps on unveiling itself and today, it is Yaëlle’s turn, Sales Representative at Horse Pilot, to answer our questions. profile   Hello, my name is Yaëlle, I am 41 and I am Horse Pilot North of France Sales Representative. I live at Bost Stables but I am originally from Thonon Les Bains.…

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Black Friday

Black Friday is coming!

17 November 2020

BLACK FRIDAY – Horse Pilot Enjoy a multitude of bargains on our products up to 50% off. Black Friday is back for the 2020 edition. In this exceptional context, we have decided to support our resellers and to wait for their reopening to organize Black Friday. Black Friday will therefore take place on Friday December…

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Pauline, Community & Media Manager at Horse Pilot

27 October 2020

© Clarisse Lebey   Usually at the initiative of these interviews, today it’s the turn of Pauline, Community & Media Manager at Horse Pilot to answer the questions. Discover through her interview the backstages of our communication department 📲 profile Hi, I’m Pauline. I’m 24 years old and I come from Dijon in Burgundy. For…

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Valentine, Sales Representative at Horse Pilot

25 September 2020

New presentation of the team. Today, it is the turn of Valentine, Sales Representative at Horse Pilot to answer our questions. Profile   Hi, my name is Valentine. I am 25 years old and I have been the Horse Pilot South of France Sales Representative for 3 years. I am currently living in Lyon. I…

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Afterworks Horse Pilot

Afterworks by Horse Pilot

28 July 2020 ,

  Because crisis also allow us to reinvent ourselves and move forward, Horse Pilot decided to take the positive out of this situation and launched a new project: the Afterworks by Horse Pilot. A good occasion to meet again, always in accordance with the sanitarian rules. a new project to support retailers « It’s a…

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Marie, Export Manager at Horse Pilot

29 April 2020

The presentation of the Horse Pilot Team continues. We have asked Marie, Export Manager at Horse Pilot (here on the right on the photo) ! 🌎 Between business trips and events on the other side of the world, Marie shares with us her international experience.  profile My name is Marie Lesterps. I am 42 years…

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On your masks

24 April 2020

As the world’s population enters a new extended period of lockdown and learns day after day to cope with this unprecedented way of life, we have taken the initiative to launch the production of washable masks made out of materials from our products following the guidelines of the DDPP (departmental delegation for the protection of…

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Géraldine, Logistics Assistant

17 April 2020

We usually introduce our athletes… But today we would like to introduce our team. To better understand the needs of our athletes, we are first and foremost Pilots, but not only! Let’s start with Geraldine, our Logistics Assistant. 📦 profile   My name is Géraldine Outran (Gégé). I’m 32 years old, have been in a relationship…

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Logistic update

30 March 2020

In order to contribute to the common effort in the fight against Covid-19, a new delivery option is now available. You can choose deferred delivery: your package will be sent as soon as it leaves the lockdown (with a surprise accessory to thank you for your patience 😉). As a reminder, drop Shipping in the…

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IMG_3865 (1)

Covid-19, All Together

23 March 2020

Like everybody else, we were affected by the call for help regarding the lack of masks. To help face up to this complex situation, at our level, we took the decision to start production of washable masks, made from the materials of our products. Following the directives of the DDPP (departmental delegation for the protection…

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The futur is now!

To our community.

18 March 2020

In these difficult moments, we would like to convey these few words to you. We support the action taken to ensure the safety of the population, which will allow us to return to normal life as fast as possible. In the meantime, we hope that you are well, that you are doing what’s necessary to…

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Olivia Mini

I’m Just an Athlete

8 March 2020 ,

Today, we give the floor to a woman, an athlete, a rider, a passionate, relentless woman.   Our new ambassador, Olivia Minicucci, shares with us about achievement, ambition and the virtues of sport through a motivating article that perfectly reflects the enthusiasm, dynamism and joie de vivre of the young Canadian. — In middle school,…

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Challenge Ambassadeur 2020

2020 Ambassador Challenge, are you ready to take over?

7 October 2019

The 2020 Ambassador Challenge starts now! The winner gets a 1-year contract with Horse Pilot. Rythm, breath, commitment, passion, requirement, style, fears, joy, mud, dust… Do you share this vision of sport? Are you ready to tell your story? We may be interested in your profile! The adventure begins with this short questionnaire. At the…

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Sécurité du cavalier: gilet airbag

Airbag for riders? Our athletes give their opinion

12 July 2019 ,

Knowing the rider’s needs when it comes to both safety and appearance, we challenged ourselves to create an equestrian airbag which combines comfort, protection and discretion. Safety stakes in horse riding – Airbag for riders in question Horse riding is a passion but also a dangerous sport, at high level as well as in leisure…

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Préparation mentale du sportif de haut niveau

Mental training: acting right here, right now

8 June 2019 ,

It is a recurring theme on competition fields and in the world of sport in general: mental training is an integral part of sport. Horse Pilot decided to take a closer interest in it by asking Simon Casse (high-performance athlete, member of the French modern pentathlon Team) and Jean-Pascal Cabrera (sophrologist and mental trainer for…

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