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Sécurité du cavalier: gilet airbag

Airbag for riders? Our athletes give their opinion

12 July 2019 ,

Knowing the rider’s needs when it comes to both safety and appearance, we challenged ourselves to create an equestrian airbag which combines comfort, protection and discretion. Safety stakes in horse riding – Airbag for riders in question Horse riding is a passion but also a dangerous sport, at high level as well as in leisure…

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santé cavalier dos équitation

Impact of riding on the health of riders

25 July 2017

Meeting with a specialized health professional… Vincent Rogine is a Mezierist physiotherapist: A branch of the profession that specializes in muscle chains. She focuses on postural work to correct static disorders, learn to control her body well, by working on muscle chains. We had his contact thanks to our ambassador Félicie Bertrand and discovered that…

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Discover our technical advice to face winter

30 December 2014

HORSE RIDING IN WINTER: THE 2.0 OUTFIT   Rain, snow, wind, cold…sometimes you just look outside and your desire to ride a horse fades away. And you can only blame your equipment! In few lines, you will learn two golden rules so you can be ready to cope with the cold all winter long and…

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