Horse Pilot’s Backstage


Yaëlle, Sales Representative at Horse Pilot

18 February 2021

Horse Pilot Team keeps on unveiling itself and today, it is Yaëlle’s turn, Sales Representative at Horse Pilot, to answer our questions. profile   Hello, my name is Yaëlle, I am 41 and I am Horse Pilot North of France Sales Representative. I live at Bost Stables but I am originally from Thonon Les Bains.…

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Pauline, Community & Media Manager at Horse Pilot

27 October 2020

© Clarisse Lebey   Usually at the initiative of these interviews, today it’s the turn of Pauline, Community & Media Manager at Horse Pilot to answer the questions. Discover through her interview the backstages of our communication department 📲 profile Hi, I’m Pauline. I’m 24 years old and I come from Dijon in Burgundy. For…

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Valentine, Sales Representative at Horse Pilot

25 September 2020

New presentation of the team. Today, it is the turn of Valentine, Sales Representative at Horse Pilot to answer our questions. Profile   Hi, my name is Valentine. I am 25 years old and I have been the Horse Pilot South of France Sales Representative for 3 years. I am currently living in Lyon. I…

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Marie, Export Manager at Horse Pilot

29 April 2020

The presentation of the Horse Pilot Team continues. We have asked Marie, Export Manager at Horse Pilot (here on the right on the photo) ! 🌎 Between business trips and events on the other side of the world, Marie shares with us her international experience.  profile My name is Marie Lesterps. I am 42 years…

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Géraldine, Logistics Assistant

17 April 2020

We usually introduce our athletes… But today we would like to introduce our team. To better understand the needs of our athletes, we are first and foremost Pilots, but not only! Let’s start with Geraldine, our Logistics Assistant. 📦 profile   My name is Géraldine Outran (Gégé). I’m 32 years old, have been in a relationship…

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shooting photo horse pilot

2018 serie backstage shooting

11 January 2019 ,

Horse Pilot 2018 backstage – backstage shooting video In order to present you properly our products, we organize a photo and video shoot every year. Discover the backstages of 2018 serie! Horse Pilot Presents In association with Genepi Film and Stef Cande “Making off” a video by Matthieu Echeverri Musique by UPPM France

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video produit horse pilot

Discover the Horse Pilot Products videos

10 January 2019 ,

Discover the products videos from the 2018 collection of Horse Pilot Horse Pilot X-Plosive breeches Featuring Tape and Preform fit technologies embeded ELEMENT waterproof jacket Featuring X-Trem layer and Preform fit technologies  RAIN FREE waterproof jacket Waterproof and stretch Warm downjacket Fahrenheit Featuring Coldblock and Thermoregulation technologies

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popup horse pilot stand

Horse Pilot presents the #HPONTOUR

7 May 2018

Horse Pilot goes to meet Pilots across the Europe… 17 Destinations More than 10 680 km A concept store Technical advices Products to test Services around the clothes A team who take care of you Follow us with the >> Every #HPONTOUR event here <<

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guillaume kitesurf

Not only Pilots

5 October 2017

This month, it’s all about one of HORSE PILOT founders, Guillaume Janin. A hyperactive sportaholic, Guillaume used to work for ASICS. He manages to balance a passion inherited from his family with a fulfilling professional career. Portrait. I’m 34, married with 2 small daughters. After a brief stint off-course in Agriculture, I did an MBA…

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inside horse pilot photoshoot

Inside Horse Pilot – Shooting backstages!

18 September 2017

All year long, The Horse Pilot team works really hard to offer you the best of its textile technologies in horse riding clothes. As any garment, whether designed for sport or not, it first comes out as a sketch or a drawing and it takes a long time before it is being put on display…

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driving a la une

Who are we at Horse Pilot?

28 August 2017 ,

Eager to understand our athletes needs, we are first of all Pilots! And each of us has his own field of expertise. In Accounting, Marine has chosen driving. It has been an official sport at the World Horse Championships since their creation and has risen in the medias just under the 3 olympic riding events.…

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