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Horse Pilot
  • Our carbon footprint

    At Horse Pilot, we are convinced that the best response to climate change lies in sensible consumption.


    The Horse Pilot story in 2010 began with this slogan. Environmentally committed since its creation, the brand has consistently placed innovation and environmental responsibility at the heart of its manufacturing process.

    From the first competition jacket made from bioceramics and recycled polyester to the new, re-engineered riding boot : every Horse Pilot product reflects this commitment


    Design, choice of materials, care advice, our repair service and second-hand solutions: we design durable products and do everything we can to extend their service life.

    Promise kept, with an average lifespan of 5 years for Horse Pilot garments.

    Our commitments

    Since its creation, Horse Pilot has been passionately committed to a comprehensive, eco-responsible approach over the entire life cycle of the product, comprising 5 commitments : ecology, sustainability, trust, solidarity and transparency.

    Carbon footprint assesment

    The carbon footprint audit is a method of measuring an organisation's direct or indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over a given year.

    Our emissions are divided into 5 groups: production, transport, purchases of goods and services, employees and users.

    -35% BY 2027

    This is the greenhouse gaz emission reduction target set by Horse Pilot by 2027. We have several action plans to reduce our carbon footprint. You can find all the information on our carbon footprint right here.

    Discover our commitments