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Horse Pilot

    Committed from the outset to a circular economy model, Horse Pilot creates sustainable products, and we aim to extend their lifespan.

    Global objective: to extend product lifespan

    Our primary objective is to delay the end-of-life of our products as much as possible.

    From the outset, Horse Pilot has been passionately committed to a global eco-responsible approach: from design and choice of materials to production, transport and repair services, we work tirelessly to limit our environmental footprint.

    Responsible for the life cycle of our products, we are committed to supporting our customers in their use of our products.

    Our actions

    Extending the life of a product is mainly a matter of daily care. This is why we try to do our utmost to prevent product deterioration on our product pages, where we provide washing and care guides to help you look after your clothe.

    However, there comes a time when a product deteriorates, no longer corresponds to the needs of its user or, unfortunately, is beyond repair. For this, Horse Pilot relies on internal and external resources to provide solutions for its customers.

    Free Repair Service

    All Horse Pilot products are guaranteed for 2 years under sporting conditions. In the event of a product defect, we will cover the cost of repair and return shipment to the customer.

    You can access this service here.

    Falling off your horse is part of the sport. If it happens to you, we'll repair your CLOTH free of charge to get you back in the saddle. This service is for you if you've had a fall that has damaged your clothe.

    You can access this service here.

    Key figures for 2023

    • 408 products repaired under warranty in 2023

    • 134 products repaired out of warranty in 2023


    In 2023, we were keen to affirm and pursue our commitment to this circular mode of consumption. To this end, we decided to launch our own second-hand website, Ride Again, in partnership with Nopli.

    With Ride Again, we want to offer you a new way of consuming, and pass on our products from rider to rider.

    The concept

    The Ride Again platform is an extension of Horse Pilot's sustainable philosophy. It helps to extend the life of products and reduce waste, while offering riders the opportunity to access quality items at more affordable prices.

    On this platform, products are put online by private individuals or by Horse Pilot itself, which offers products worn on shoots, commercial samples, end-of-series items, repaired products, etc.

    Key figures for 2023

    • 305 products put online on Ride Again in 2023

    • 117 products sold on Ride Again in 2023


    In keeping with its commitment to eco-responsibility, Horse Pilot launched a new project in 2023: up-cycling, with the aim of taking concrete action against waste.

    The first product was launched in October 2023: stirrup protectors made from unsaleable defective pants.

    This project is being carried out in collaboration with ESAT Wattrelos, an establishment and service of aid through work that facilitates the employment of people with mild, moderate or profound intellectual disabilities.

    Key figures for 2023

    • 90 pairs of unsaleable pants destined to be thrown away were transformed.

    • 195 pairs of stirrup protectors were created.

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