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Riding boots for men and women

Riding boots are an essential. Horse Pilot offers boots for men and women riders in 3D mesh, which fits the riders' leg.

Horse Pilot riding boots

Boots are an essential part of riding. They are useful for protecting the riders lower leg from chafing, while allowing it to settle. There are many, many models that vary in material, price, design and quality.

Our women's, men's and children's riding boots

Horse Pilot has developed several lines of women's riding boots, and men's riding boots to practice riding. These come in many sizes and different models with different types of riding boots to suit adult riders, and soon with child-friendly riding boots.

Why buy riding boots for horseback riding

Riding boots are an essential. They prevent the rider's leg from suffering unpleasant rubbing or even injury. Moreover, their sole fits perfectly in the stirrup. Finally, they greatly improve riding comfort thanks to their specific features: grip, reinforced sole, flexibility, etc.

A premium brand of riding boots

Known for its ever more innovative techniques and creations, the Horse Pilot brand offers high-end boots for male and female riders. In fact, it has developed the Teknit Boot, a revolutionary 3D mesh boot (without fasteners or laces), which adapts to riders' legs.

The Horse Pilot collection of riding boots

With Horse Pilot's wide selection of riding boots, it's possible for everyone to find the perfect pair of boots: tailored to each rider's taste, budget, practice and level.

Colors for your Horse Pilot riding boots

Horse Pilot makes sure to accommodate everyone's tastes as much as possible. So we offer different colors of boots: black or brown. This allows riders to adapt the color of their boots to their desires, their style or their discipline.

Riding boots adapted to the seasons and the weather

Riders are often required to ride in all kinds of weather. To compensate for this, there are boots adapted to the weather: waterproof and lined for winter, or breathable for summer. If necessary, to keep the feet warm, boot socks can also be added.

Waterproof and warm winter riding boots

We offer a wide selection of thermal boots or booties for winter. To keep your feet warm, they have a lining and are waterproof to withstand rain, snow and wind.

Lightweight riding boots with breathable soles for summer

In summer, comfort also means not getting too hot on your feet. For that, Horse Pilot offers riders lightweight booties and boots. They are airy and have breathable soles to best cope with the summer heat.

Good quality technical riding boots for riding

Renowned for its technical prowess, the Horse Pilot brand has put its research into a boot that perfectly blends comfort, style and performance: the Teknit Boot. Designed with 3D Knit technology, this riding boot adapts to the morphology of the leg.

3D Knit Riding Boots

3D Knit material makes horse boots more comfortable and practical. Forget about laces or fasteners that waste riders' time: the Teknit Boot slips on like a sock and fits perfectly on the leg, both in width and height.

Show riding boots for women, men or children

Available in all sizes and suitable for both male and female riders, the Teknit Boot is suitable for use in competition. Comfortable and stable, its sole helps stabilize the foot in the stirrup.

Riding boots for safety

The Teknit Boot is ideal for rider safety. It is reinforced at various levels, such as the ball of the foot (which protects the toes and metatarsals) and the ankle. Therefore, the lower leg of male and female riders is perfectly protected.

Riding boots with grips and anti-slip

The Teknit Boot is a technical boot at the forefront of innovation. It features two layers of grip in the calf area. They guarantee riders a fixed leg that is protected from unpleasant rubbing.

Comfortable riding boots

3D Knit boots are lightweight and comfortable. This material is elastic and fits riders' calves perfectly. Just slip it on like a sock, without having to waste time with laces or fastening, increasing its comfort.

Horse boots that adapt to the calf's morphology

Thanks to 3D Knit, the Teknit Boot adapts perfectly to riders' different morphologies and leg heights. The elastic material in the calf area adjusts to the lower leg, and the boot's shaft is fully adjustable.

Performance Riding Boots

Our 3D Knit boots are at the forefront of performance, perfectly combining strength and flexibility. They're highly resistant to weather and wear, though they're softer than leather or rubber riding boots.

Design riding boots for riding

Riding boots are useful for added safety and comfort, but they also have an aesthetic function. To ensure this, we offer a wide selection of high quality and stylish designer boots and booties.

Our seamless, laceless riding boots

The Horse Pilot riding boots are comfortable and stylish. In fact, they are devoid of laces, seams and fasteners, avoiding discomfort in the lower leg.

Our skinny riding boots

The boots equipped with 3D Knit technology are form-fitting. Indeed, thanks to their mesh material, they adapt perfectly to all morphologies and calf sizes. In addition, it avoids the need to attach a lace or a closure.

Our high shaft riding boots

If leg height can be an issue for some riders, the Teknit Boot is an ideal solution. Its elastic material gives it an adjustable shaft, benefiting from the quality of a custom boot.

How to Choose Your Riding Boots

Choosing a pair of boots requires taking into account different elements. Indeed, for optimal comfort, it is important to opt for boots that are adapted to both the rider's level, the disciplines practiced, his budget and his size.

Riding boots adapted to the rider's level

Just like a pair of pants or a bomb, you should choose your boots according to your level. Indeed, rubber boots will be more suitable for beginner riders. Very cheap, they are easy to maintain and are resistant. However, they are not very comfortable. On the contrary, experienced or competition riders can opt for leather boots. Very comfortable, these boots can be adapted to each discipline and are more aesthetic.

Riding boots for every equestrian discipline

When you are a rider, it is more pleasant to choose a pair of riding boots adapted to the disciplines practiced. For example, a show jumping or eventing rider will prefer soft leather boots that accommodate ankle flexion when balancing. Stiff leather boots are suitable for dressage because they keep the leg fixed and straight. To practice trail riding, sturdy leather boots are preferred: they are suitable regardless of the weather and their thick sole allows them to grip the stirrup.

Riding boot size guide/sizes

To help riders choose the best size riding boots, Horse Pilot provides a size guide. It's also important to keep in mind that the size of a Teknit Boot is chosen based solely on the shoe size. The leg height and calf width are adaptable thanks to the 3D Knit technology.

How to care for riding boots

Rubber or synthetic boots are fairly simple to clean with a damp sponge or cloth. As for leather boots, they require more care. It is best to clean them with a mild agent to avoid damaging the leather or drying it out. Once used, the boots should be allowed to dry before being maintained with appropriate products. In addition, when the boots are not worn, it is advisable to store them with a shoe tree so that they retain their shape.


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