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Alike all outdoor sports, it happens that the weather is not always mild for the practice of outdoor riding. However, it is neither cold nor rain that will stop a rider. This is why it is necessary to equip yourself with a very good quality riding jacket. The creators of technical clothing from Horse Pilot have designed several ranges of jackets that adapt to all circumstances to allow riders to practice their sport at all levels, at any season.

The importance of comfort for riders

This is the first choice criterion for athletes. No matter the level of practice, the body position is the most important thing. It is essential that the item makes you feel at ease so that you can perform all movements without feeling uncomfortable. The textiles used for the manufacture of riding jackets have been designed to fit the body perfectly and adapt perfectly to the morphology of men, women and children. The new textile manufacturing techniques and in particular the Perform Fit technology developed in our workshops allow riders to have total freedom of movement. For even more comfort, Horse Pilot has patented Extra Comfort to avoid friction as much as possible and give the impression that you have a second skin.

Fully waterproof protection

The practice of outdoor riding requires the use of a protection against wind and rain. Horse Pilot has developed the technology Extrem Layer to guarantee excellent waterproofing of the fabrics of its jackets while being breathable. Thanks to a laminating process, the item perfectly protects against rain and wind to keep you warm and dry. Depending on the needs and practice situations, it is preferable to adapt the length, either by choosing a jacket that goes down to the hips, or an integral version that goes down to the mid-thigh and will form a complete protection above the boots. On the other hand, if you are looking for a jacket to wear when hiking in winter when it is not raining, down jackets such as the Fahrenheit and Essential 2018 and Storm models are ideal to evolve in lightness. In addition, the practice of outdoor riding requires wearing resistant fabrics, which do not tear with branches when passing through a forest for example.

The aesthetic aspect

At Horse Pilot, our designers design high-performance technical clothing, but they also care about aesthetics for those who like to practice sports in style. The choice of colours and shape of the riding jacket depend on everyone's taste. For summer, the sleeveless jackets in the Celsius range are very elegant and allow the rider to be protected from the morning freshness for training and hiking. The warmer versions for the off-season and winter perfectly match the feminine shapes to allow you to have style in all circumstances.

Horse Pilot follows fashion trends to offer a perfect alchemy between aesthetics, comfort and rider protection. The importance of quality is the main concern of our designers in order to provide you with an ever more innovative range of clothing..