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    The sweatshirt, the essential technical clothing for riding

    When riding in indoor like in outdoor, it is essential to wear comfortable and warm clothes to avoid getting cold. When it is a little chilly, especially in the early morning, in the evening, or when you want to hike in the forest or on the beach, the jacket is a little too hot, especially in the summer. What riders are looking for are sweatshirts, i.e. long-sleeved tops, to feel good in all circumstances.

    A light and comfortable technical clothing

    The most important criterion for a technical riding clothing is comfort. It is important to feel good about yourself in your outfit so that you can only think about your actions. For many years, Horse Pilot has made it a point of honour to constantly look for ways to improve the holdings for horseback riding. Our sweatshirts keep the body warm perfectly thanks to the use of polar fleece. The sleeves of the Tempest and Hybrid Tempest vests have mitten sleeves with a passe-pousse to protect the hands from the cold. Hooded models have a zip to protect the neck from air infiltration. The closure of the sweatshirt and pockets is also zipped to facilitate the rider's movements. In addition, the Extra Comfort technology that we have developed limits friction to offer even greater ease of movement.

    Ergonomic sweatshirts

    When riding, it is important to find technical clothing that adapts to both the body shape and the posture of the athlete during exercise. However, equipment for riders must take into account the different positions of steps, trot and gallop to offer the best performance to athletes. The technology Perform Fit from Horse Pilot allows to accompany all the athlete's movements in any conditions and without any tension or blockage. In our design workshops, we aim to offer flexible and ergonomic clothing to promote balance. The ergonomic cut-outs of our sweatshirts protect the kidneys unlike other technical clothing. The sleeves are preformed for even more aerodynamics.

    Breathable clothing

    When riding, it is important to stay warm, but you must be able to wick away perspiration to stay dry in all circumstances. However, the rider is constantly subjected to significant temperature variations. It is important that technical clothing is both cold resistant and also regulates body heat. Our sweatshirts use Aérotech technology to create an underwear ventilation effect. As a result, the body temperature is self-regulated. Depending on the morphology of the athlete and the nature of the garment, the location of the vents is optimized to offer maximum performance maximum performance .

    Very trendy sweatshirts

    At Horse Pilot, our designers are very interested in the performance and comfort of the garment. However, aesthetics is also an important criterion in our design workshops. We are constantly looking to offer beautiful products that follow the trend. This is why the choice of textiles, cut and colours are taken into account when developing our collections in order to offer riders trendy outfits.