Polo and T-shirt for women

Specially designed for competition or leisure riding, the Horse Pilot polo and t-shirt range has variations: this sport is composed of many activities ranging from dressage to show jumping competitions, as well as complete and intensive training.

Women's Polo & Riding T-shirts: elegance rhymes with quality at Horse Pilot !

The horse is a noble animal and to accompany him at a walk, trot or canter, the rider must be as elegant as his horse.... ! Equally divided between a fitting fashion and essential specificities, the Horse Pilot riding polo shirt (or t-shirt) meets all the needs of professional or occasional women riders. Specially designed for competitive or leisure riding, the range has several variants because this sport includes many activities from dressage to show jumping competitions as well as cross-country and intensive training. For all these practices, Horse Pilot long-sleeved or sleeveless polo shirts and Horse Pilot t-shirts for women meet fundamental criteria for the well-being of all those who wear them! Now saddles up off the beaten track or on a well-defined course, the first rule to follow when riding is to have good clothing to be safe and comfortable on your horse...

The essential characteristics of a polo shirt or a riding t-shirt

A riding polo shirt must be light and breathable to allow the rider to stay dry, draining off sweat very easily. It is therefore essential to wear polo shirts and t-shirts designed with micro-ventilated areas, especially on the back, arms and sides. Thanks to a thin, stretch and seamless polo shirt, the rider is free to move, maintains good ventilation and benefits from the extreme softness of this type of knitting. Preform Fit technologies for mobility, Aerotech for ventilation and Suntech for UV protection are used in Horse Pilot riding clothing for the comfort of riders.

Heads-up and back straight with the Optimax t-shirt !

The Optimax long-sleeved t-shirt offered for sale at Horse Pilot is simply revolutionary! Following a study of body construction, this long-sleeved t-shirt was invented to otpimize your position on the saddle. The meshes differ from one area to another and allow a perfect support during the practice of riding. The shoulders straighten automatically, the back stays straight thanks to the elasticity of certain parts of the item. The Optimax long-sleeved t-shirt allows you to maintain a good posture naturally and painlessly and thus avoid back pain during exercise. This riding shirt is an essential part of the rider's dressing room! In winter or summer, this equipment effectively regulates body temperature.

Pure elegance thanks to polo shirts and riding t-shirts

Horse Pilot polo shirts and t-shirts are pleasant to wear, chic and revealing of beauty! Whether you are looking for sleeveless riding polo shirts for summer, long-sleeved t-shirts for cooler days, polo shirts for competitions or for training, the whole range will enhance you! Every rider can never say it enough, appearance is essential especially in competition.... The polo shirts and t-shirts are all designed to refine every part of the Woman's body and meet her requirements. The cut of polo shirts is generally slim, for a clothing that is worn close to the body, like a second skin. Enhanced, the Woman feels good being one with her horse.

In constant evolution, on the lookout for clothing trends and listening to its customers, Horse Pilot makes it a point of honour to respect current fashion codes, with each new collection. Associated with tailor-made technologies, the riding clothes offered by the brand are invented to be effective, beautiful to look at and pleasant to wear...

A true specialist in outdoor sports clothing, Horse Pilot is at your service for any further information on the range of t-shirts and riding polo shirts for women. Feel free to contact us and consult our blog for various opinions and advice...


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