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Polo and T-shirt for women

Specially designed for competition or leisure riding, the Horse Pilot polo and t-shirt range has variations: this sport is composed of many activities ranging from dressage to show jumping competitions, as well as complete and intensive training.

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Horse Pilot women's riding polos and t-shirts

Complete your riding wardrobe with your Horse Pilot women's riding polo or t-shirt. These technical garments are suitable for riding casually. Investing in a quality women's riding top will ensure you look stylish in a comfortable riding outfit.

Our women's riding polos and t-shirts

Your riding outfit isn't complete without a Horse Pilot riding polo or t-shirt. From beginner riders to professional riders, these tops are a must-have for any woman looking for quality. To get polo shirts at the best price regularly check out the women's riding polo shirt sale. Keep it stylish with a competition polo or breathable technical tee. Men need not worry with men's riding polos.

Discover our brand of premium women's riding polo shirts and t-shirts

We have prioritized quality over quantity. Thus, our range is restricted in terms of the number of models. Nevertheless, it remains complete. The objective is to offer you the essential: the best riding clothes for your favorite sport practice.

The Horse Pilot women's riding polo collection

Short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirts, ditto for polo shirts, Horse Pilot revisits the classics. As usual, we put innovation at the heart of the creation of high-performance technical clothing. Without forgetting to emphasize your silhouette. Complete your collection with our limited edition t-shirts, like the Anniversary t-shirt released for our tenth anniversary.

Feminine colors for your riding polo

Pattern choices are small, sure. But stand out from your cubicle neighbor, a fan of our brand, with the colors. Your white riding polo will accompany you to your competitions. For your training sessions or at the stable, sober and timeless colors clothe you. Gallop in light colors or groom your horse in sustained colors. With a royal blue riding polo, gray, green, beige or even a red show polo and the timeless black, here's something to vary your pleasure.

The different types of women's riding polos and t-shirts

Every woman has different needs and tastes. Our range of riding tops is thought to satisfy the greatest number. Without forgetting the concern to accompany you in all seasons. Summer or winter, you can wear your riding polo, or your technical t-shirt, alone or under a sweater and even under a riding jacket.

Short or long sleeves

Enjoy the sun and air on your skin with your short-sleeved t-shirt or polo. Long sleeves keep you protected without wrinkling your fitted pageant jacket. Either way, it's a matter of taste that will let your underarms breathe either way.

Button or zipped

Your riding shirts show off your neck with a round neck. While your riding polo shirts come with several options. Choose the traditional button placket, with its small ergonomic collar or the stand-up collar with its zipper. The height of the latter respects the rules of horse shows. You can adjust the opening of your top as you wish. Last option, the small collar with its zipper of Aeromesh. It's a real subtle blend of classic and modern.

The quality of the material and weave

Pique knit is the typical knitted stitch of the classic polo. It was a no-brainer to bring you a pattern that captures this style of knitwear in a modern and stylish way. However, your unisex button-down polo is softer than a traditional pique cotton polo. Even softer is jersey cotton. This material is common on rugby polos and t-shirts in general. We've taken this weave and made you some soft organic cotton jersey knit riding shirts.

Technical riding tops for riding

Fashion isn't enough for you. Ride your horse in the best conditions, without feeling constrained by clothing. This goes for your first time in the saddle as well as for your training as an experienced rider.

Comfortable polo shirts and t-shirts for women

Designed with stretch materials, your equestrian apparel fabrics meet the needs of the most demanding female riders. We opted for polyester with added Spandex or elastane and cotton. This way, your comfort is preserved at all times, dressed in a polo shirt or a soft and light t-shirt. Whether you're bent over to pick your pony's feet or in the middle of a jump, your riding shirt stays in place. Just like your technical riding polo, it serves your comfort without constricting you.

Performing polo shirts tailored for women

You'll appreciate how durable your garment is over time. In winter under a riding parka, or in the heat of summer, your sportswear is tailored for every season. Mesh panels line your arms and shoulders on long-sleeve polo shirts for added breathability. And don't forget the UV-blocking zones in the sun. The technology goes so far as to help you with your posture, with a special mesh shirt. It helps you stand up straight. It ensures, however, that you retain the same freedom of movement as with other Horse Pilot polo shirts and t-shirts.

Designer riding polo shirts and t-shirts for riding

Show off your curves with the designer cut of your short-sleeve t-shirt or long-sleeve polo. Form-fitting or slim-fitting, your riding tops are stretchy and align with your movements. Our riding jackets and riding pants have practical and useful pockets. Not so with our polo shirts and t-shirts. No way to risk distorting your clothes or breaking the balance of your figure.

How to choose your riding polo shirt

Our technical clothing is designed for both regular and intensive riding. Each model has its technical cut and features to meet your athletic needs.

How to match your outfit colors.

Color matching is essential to your style. Look chic with perfect control of your colorful outfits. A monochromatic (one color) outfit elongates your figure. An all-white, all-blue, etc. look gives you a slim and trim look. A combination of shades of the same color brings harmony to your silhouette. Your silhouette will look longer and more elegant. For example, a light blue and a navy blue or a smooth green and a darker green.

Also go for the contrasting style, like a brightly colored polo shirt over white pants. This technique should be avoided, however, if you're petite. Indeed, the contrast of colors can tend to pack the silhouette with its cut effect.

What size polo to choose?

Select your equestrian contest polo size as your equestrian contest shirt size. The choice goes from size XXS to size XXL, depending on the models. So, small and slender or big and voluptuous, each morphology finds its happiness. To help you, a size guide is at your disposal. Although most of our models are tight, you should not feel tight. Take the size that fits you best for a fitted top. The only exception to the rule is when you nick the gentleman's unisex polo pattern for an oversized look.

How to care for a riding polo shirt.

Like cleaning riding shirts, riding polo shirts should be washed inside out. After sorting your laundry by color, put it in the washing machine at 30°C. A short cycle with a 600 RPM spin is all it takes to get your functional clothes clean. Do not use fabric softener or tumble dryers. They damage the fibers of your clothes and reduce their technical functionality. However, you can add a glass of vinegar to your tub. Vinegar has the triple advantage of breaking down the limescale in your water, neutralizing bad odors and softening your clothes. Finally, let your technical polos dry on a hanger in the open air and you'll keep them for a long time.


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