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Girls' riding competition jackets

In competition, it is sometimes required to wear certain types of jackets depending on the event, especially in show jumping or dressage. To best meet the expectations and needs of young riders, Horse Pilot has created and developed a collection dedicated to girls aged 10 to 14.

Horse Pilot girls riding jackets 10 to 14 years old

Is your daughter passionate about horse riding? After a few riding lessons, she is ready to spend hours pampering her pony or horse. She spends long hours visiting the stables and chatting with her friends at the riding club. It is time to equip her with suitable riding jackets, to protect her and make her proud to wear them.

Our pony and horse-friendly riding jackets for girls

Find performing riding jackets for female riders: down jackets with or without sleeves, short or long raincoats, warm riding coats... Our brand doesn't forget about young girls, with riding jackets available from size 10.

A premium riding jacket brand for girls

As a young, accomplished rider, your daughter is worthy of wearing technical, stylish and comfortable clothing. And for her first competitions, what better way to perform the way she should than with a jacket that fits.

The Horse Pilot girl's riding jacket collection

Girls who are adept at competition have their own show jacket. In blue or black, they stand out on their show jumping course. All of our women's riding jackets are available in size XS and size S. This makes them suitable for smaller teenage girls to make them happy.

Seasonal and weather appropriate riding jackets for girls

Riding can be done in any weather and any season. Protect your child from wind, rain and cold with the right sportswear. Riding pants and boots are not the only protection. The riding jacket is important too.

Summer and mid-season girl jackets

Sometimes the weather is cool when you go to the riding center in the morning or evening. It can also happen to have a shower in the arena or on a ride. This requires a small jacket to protect you. Our waterproof jackets are light and breathable. This way, even in action, the skin does not get wet with sweat under the raincoat. For cool air, there's nothing better than a stylish little sleeveless down jacket.

Girl's Softshell Jackets

Softshell is magic. It is a mode of clothing that offers excellent thermal insulation, breathability and waterproofing. It is so effective that it is used to design tough, warm clothing for hiking or safety wear. Not to spoil anything for your teenager's enjoyment, it is practical and aesthetically pleasing. So a softshell jacket is therefore perfectly suited for an outdoor activity, such as horseback riding.

Girl jackets for winter

The riding arena isn't heated and the cold creeps into the stable aisles. When the winter chill is here, you need a good warm riding coat. With a high collar and coverage, sleeves that can be tightened or fitted with a grommet, an elastic bottom or a drawstring, here is the choice you will find at Horse Pilot. Our riding jackets are designed to be waterproof and warm, so you can enjoy the equestrian passion without getting sick.

Technical riding jackets for girls who ride

Protecting from the weather, wind and cold is the primary benefit of a riding jacket. But investing in a jacket suitable for horseback riding also means requiring it to perform specifically for equestrian sports

Comfortable riding jackets

Riding apparel must accompany the rider's movement, whether on foot or on horseback. Thus, the cut of our jackets is preformed according to the posture of riders. Therefore, adapted to the equestrian practice. Short or long, they adapt to the saddle. The sleeves with thumbhole extend to protect the hand while maintaining contact with the reins. Hoods follow the movement of the head when put on and stay in place in all circumstances...

Performance Riding Jackets for Girls

Between grooming the horse or pony, saddling it, and then once you're in training, your daughter needs to be free to move. With her children's riding jacket Horse Pilot, your child can move to groom hooves, jump obstacles or play Pony Games with complete freedom. All without breaking a sweat because of his technical jacket. Breathable and durable, his riding jacket is windproof and waterproof, but unfettered.

Design riding jackets for riding

As a parent, you're concerned about your daughter's protection. What could be more important at her age than her style? Whether she likes flashy or more natural colors, your teen can find something to suit her in pink, blue, green or beige. All this on sport jackets with a modern and timeless design. She'll look like a big girl, with class, in a jacket with a feminine cut, quilted or not. The most beautiful piece in her collection is her competition blazer jacket. The aesthetic competition is won in advance with her. Beautiful with its velvet-soft Alcantara finish, and comfortable with its bi-stretch material. It doesn't take much for your girl to gain confidence for her competition.

How to choose a riding jacket for a girl

On the design side, it's often easiest to ask the girl's opinion. Because, like many teenage girls today, if she doesn't like it, the jacket will stay in the dressing room. It would be a shame to invest money in a riding jacket, only to have it stay on its hanger. As for the rest...

A riding jacket suitable for her level

The range of riding jackets is suitable for the beginner as well as the experienced rider who goes out in competition. Thus, there is the declination in boy riding competition jacket.Once a rider is touched by the equestrian passion, it is rare that she stops. However, if she does, no problem. She can continue to wear her zippered riding parka or quilted jacket on other occasions.

A riding jacket for every equestrian discipline

Your teenage daughter in the throes of discovery wants to test everything. Whether she goes for a ride during the school vacations or for competition, dressage or show jumping, she has a suitable riding jacket. Her show jacket will be able to participate in her international jumping dreams. Or, her horse jacket will accompany her in her wish to become a race jockey. Anything goes when you're properly equipped.

Girl's size guide to buying a riding jacket

As a general rule, girls' riding apparel sizes are as follows:

  • • 10 years old: stature 140 cm and chest size 67 to 71 cm
  • • 12 years old: stature 152 cm and chest size 73 to 77 cm
  • • 14 years old: stature 164 cm and chest size 79 to 83 cm

There is an equivalence between our women's sizes and girls' sizes. Indeed, a size 12 years is equivalent to size XS and the 14 years to size S.

How to care for your teenage girl's riding jacket.

You don't have to run your daughter's riding jackets through the machine every time you use them. Often, cleaning up small spills of dried mud is as simple as rubbing your hand over them. The dirt, hair and dust will come off when you shake the jacket. If that's not enough, it's time to put the technical jacket in the machine. A 30°C program and air drying is fine. If in doubt, refer to the label. We recommend using a mild detergent and avoiding the dryer. Don't forget to close zips, snaps and velcro before washing, to keep the jacket in good condition longer.


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