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    Ladies, how to choose the right breeches or riding pants ?

    Equitation is much more than a simple activity, it is a true passion, an unconditional love for horses. In order to practice your exercises in the greatest comfort, some essential ones must be considered. Beyond the saddle, it is essential to wear riding breeches that suit you and provide you with incomparable comfort. These "riding pants", will perfectly fit your practice, so little that you take the time to select them carefully!

    Quality riding pants for women must meet 3 different criteria: comfort, strength and aesthetics. At Horse Pilot, we are able to satisfy your requirements.

    Comfort above all

    The practice of horseback riding leads to intense exercise in the lower part of the body. When sitting or standing, friction is regular. This is why it is important to wear panties that will allow you to obtain absolute ease in your movements. To meet this need, we now offer pants with elastic quality, without seams in your crotch and with reinforcements in strategic places.

    At Horse Pilot, we offer three types of women's pants that will optimize not only your well-being, but also your adherence to the entire upholstery. The "X-Balance", "X-pure" and "X-plosive" ranges are therefore the essential ones in our collection. Whatever your riding level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a true show jumping enthusiast, whether you want to use your pants for outdoor, horse shows or training, we provide you with the latest textile innovations that allow you to accompany the slightest of your movements.

    In the same way, we have created our riding pants to meet your needs in all seasons. During the hot season, enjoy great lightness and a pleasant breathable material. In winter, choose our collection lined with fleece and waterproof. The choice of materials is vast, so always make sure you take advantage of the performance of technical, stretch and comfortable fabrics.

    Aesthetic and quality combination

    Our products are then designed to meet the requirements of any rider. The materials used will offer you a sheathing and thermoregulating effect. The cut will be designed to perfectly fit your shapes and offer you absolute support, thanks to its non-slip properties. The robustness of this product will prove its worth thanks to its anti-wear property conferred by its high elasticity and special fibre weave. In order to prevent overheating, we have re-examined our clothing for an absolutely perfect and appreciable fitting. In addition, certain compression points will be integrated, such as at the calf level, to help blood circulation and ensure a perfect fit for your pants. Thus adjusted, no discomfort will be felt.

    Our colours, a wide range of choices from traditional white to royal blue.

    Optimal comfort is a necessity in the good practice of equestrian exercise. But, a public interpretation also requires a certain presentation. This is where the style of our articles comes in. Indeed, we have taken care to provide you with a close fit, available in different colors (white, grey, green, black, khaki, beige, hunter, royal blue, navy blue, sky blue, denim, burgundy...) that will embellish and perfect your silhouette during your service, whatever your morphology. As any enthusiast knows, white is a key element in the traditional dress of riders. That's why we've taken care to offer perfectly opaque white breeches that won't let anything appear from your body. Ensure a harmonious and distinguished outfit!

    Our riding pants will be nothing more or less than a real second skin that will sublimate you, for an exercise performed in all elegance. At Horse Pilot, enjoy an absolutely perfect fit, high quality finishes and reinforced seams, which will guarantee a long life.

    Our collection of children's trousers

    Our young female riders, from the seeds of champions, will also find the riding pants to fit them. Just because they are just starting out, doesn't mean they shouldn't wear pants that suit them properly. Our junior pants for girls and boys have it all. Comfortable, performing and durable, they will dress our promising young riders.

    Pants that fit all body types

    Because choosing riding pants is not insignificant, you should also think about choosing pants that will adapt to your shapes. To make it easier, Horse Pilot has designed products that will match the different silhouettes. Indeed, it is not a question here of getting lost among many cuts, your horse pants will benefit from a high waist in the back to protect your kidneys, and a lower waist on the front to avoid cutting off your breathing or your stomach. Like legging breeches, your riding outfit will give you the freedom of movement you need to carry out this activity in its own right, riding.


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