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Riding jackets for men

Horse Pilot designs several ranges of jackets and coats for riders that are suitable for all uses. These riding jackets allow men to practice their sport at any level, in any season.


How to choose your riding jacket?

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Horse Pilot women's riding jackets

Riding is done outdoors, or in riding arenas that are open to wind and cold. That means turning to horseback riding jackets to protect yourself. Summer or winter, Horse Pilot protects sporty women riders with our line of riding jackets. Slip into one of our waterproof summer jackets, or one of our warm winter coats, and face the weather with confidence.

Our women's riding jackets

Like all riding clothes, the riding jacket is suitable for riding. Either it's short so you don't get stuck once you sit on your saddle. Or it is mid-length to long with a cut adapted so as not to bother either the rider or the horse.

A brand of high-end riding jackets for women

Horse Pilot uses its expertise to bring you a creative and innovative selection of jackets for women riders. We cater to women riders who are concerned about protecting themselves from the weather with style and comfort while riding.

The Horse Pilot women's collection of riding jackets

Bombers, summer raincoat, warm parka, hooded down jacket, thin quilted down jacket with or without sleeves, customizable show jacket... Find a beautiful and complete range of riding jackets and coats, to be a well-equipped sporty and stylish rider.

Feminine colors for your Horse Pilot riding jacket

Catch the eye with an assortment of jackets in trendy, understated colors. A beige quilted coat. A long, blue rain jacket. A green down jacket that slips on like a sweater. A red sleeveless down jacket... This is just a sample of the panel of colors available.

Why buy a riding jacket for riding?

The whole point of a riding jacket for horseback riding is to protect you from the weather. You wear a jacket or coat depending on the season. In summer, a light windproof or waterproof jacket protects you from rain and wind. In mid-season, a sleeveless down jacket keeps you warm when the temperature is cool. As for the warm winter coat, it keeps you from the cold and prevents the wind from blowing in.

The riding jacket keeps your body warm and dry. But not only that. Its particularity is to be adapted to the practice of horse riding. It ensures your freedom of movement, as much for the work in the stable as on your horse. Short or long, the cut is specifically designed for riding. Your jacket accompanies your movements, even in the middle of a jump, without disturbing your horse.

Technical riding jackets for riding

Enjoy your horseback riding without worrying about the weather. Horse Pilot takes care of you with cutting-edge apparel to combine protection and performance.

Comfortable women's riding jackets

Whether you wear a long coat or short jacket, you maintain your freedom of movement in all circumstances. Wear a riding down jacket, parka or bomber, cut to fit the rider. How to ride with a long coat? No problem with a riding jacket with rider vents, a zipper or snaps at the bottom of the jacket. Also to be found are men's riding jackets and kids' riding jackets.

Performing women's riding jackets

Let yourself be seduced by women's riding jackets and coats tailored to your needs. From thin, windproof and water-repellent jackets to warm and well-covered riding coats with high collars. Your range of jackets is available with the same guarantee: to have a riding jacket for women. Always light and breathable, even with the hottest and most insulating models.

Design riding jackets for riding

Show off your stylish figure, with a modern and timeless design riding jacket or coat. You'll appreciate the slim fit of your anorak and its neat, faux-fur-free finish. Zip up your slim-fitting women's parka with a heavy-duty zipper. Tighten your sleeves, with or without a grommet, with velcro that won't snag hair. Stay warm in a zippered down jacket, whose quilted shape is both aesthetically pleasing and functional in the front and back. Dare to combine your riding jacket with your Horse Pilot riding pants, tops and boots. You'll get a riding outfit that's at the top of the trend.

How to Choose Your Riding Jacket

It's hard to select a single jacket for riding on all occasions. That's why there are so many models. The only real requirement is to opt for a women's jacket that fits you.

A riding jacket that fits the season

In mid-season, a zippered jacket, such as a lightweight sleeveless down jacket that is fitted and breathable, insulates your warmth without getting hot. In winter, it is a perfect lining for a windproof and warm waterproof jacket with its removable hood. This way you can face the cold weather with a comfortable double layer. From a softshell trench coat to a casual bomber, there's no shortage of choices.

Women's Riding Jacket Size Guide

Jacket coat cuts adapt to the morphology of each female rider. Thus, a voluptuous woman is as comfortable as a slim woman. In general, the size of your women's riding jackets is the same as the jackets that already make up your wardrobe. Sometimes, small differences in size exist depending on the cut of the garment. That's why Horse Pilot provides size charts. Thus, you can choose your size according to your measurements.

How to maintain a riding jacket

Often, a wash at the beginning or end of the season will suffice. Unless you fall (without injury) in the mud while riding, of course. In the meantime, dust and hair will come off if you shake your technical jacket. Small mud stains can be removed with your hand, a damp sponge or a soft brush. If needed, a textile deodorizer will give your functional jacket a fresh look. For a thorough cleaning, all of our riding jackets are easily machine washable. Keep them in good condition as long as possible with a few tips.

Before washing

Think before putting your jackets and coats in the washing machine to: empty pockets, close zippers, velcro and snaps and turn your clothes inside out.

Machine wash

For down jackets with feathers, select the down or delicate program. Two or three tennis balls placed in the drum help to aerate the feathers. The synthetic program is suitable for other types of riding jackets.

For all of your Horse Pilot technical clothing, a speed of 600 rpm and a maximum temperature of 30°C is sufficient. Small amounts of laundry are gentle and fabric softener is forgotten. It is replaced by a touch of vinegar if the water is hard.

Once the wash is done

Place your riding jacket in the open air, on a wide hanger or flat. If it contains feathers, shake the jacket occasionally to disperse them well. Tumble dryers will damage your jackets' mesh, zippers or colors, not to mention the risk of shrinkage. Once clean and dry, your riding jacket is all set to accompany you on your next equestrian feats.


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