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    The riding jacket: saddle up in all weathers

    Horseback riding is a sport that is mostly practiced outdoors and in all weathers. Horse enthusiasts who live in the mountains or on the seaside have to cope with sometimes difficult weather conditions. Winter preparation for horse shows requires wearing riding clothes adapted to the extreme cold and heavy rains because nothing should get in the way of your objectives. It is therefore necessary to be equipped with a riding jacket suitable for riding in all weather conditions. The creation of technical riding equipment at Horse Pilot requires prior studies in order to allow riders to train in the rain, high winds or snow in very cold periods.

    Comfort as a top priority

    Freedom of movement is a need of the utmost importance in this sport. Riders work daily on their position whether it is over jumps, on dressage rectangles or outdoors. It is essential that the riding clothes allow them to move without hindrance. Horse Pilot designs riding jackets that are suitable for all body types. The textiles developed for Horse Pilot riding outfits adapt perfectly to the body's shape. On the one hand, the Preform Fit technology offers riders total freedom of movement. On the other hand, Horse Pilot's patented Extra Comfort Technology ensures, as the name suggests, optimum comfort on horseback and on foot without friction or discomfort.

    Comfortable rhymes with impermeable

    Who has never lost motivation or let a sigh escape as they watched the rain fall through the window while putting on their riding gear? Have you? Have we? Whatever! As we said before, rain is not an obstacle if you have the right equipment. The Extrem Layer Technology developed by Horse Pilot has made it possible to design waterproof fabrics for his jackets. Riding jackets are still light and breathable. The good resistance of the clothes to wind and rain is due to a lamination system. The technical garments also provide ideal warmth while remaining dry. The range of technical jackets is very complete and each product is adapted according to the needs of the riders. The Integral Jacket will be your best friend to walk the course on a rainy day as it will keep you dry from head to toe. When the winter wind reaches the skin, the Fahrenheit jacket provides the perfect barrier to the cold and brings the warmth to your hips to continue your session. The Storm and Essential jackets have the same technical properties, but their lightness is designed for more moderate weather, outdoors for example. In addition to being adapted to the needs of the riders, the riding jackets designed by Horse Pilot are also resistant to snags in case of a fall outdoors.

    Design, techniques and elegance

    Elegance is an integral part of riding, whatever the discipline. Horse Pilot's riding outfit designers have strived to find the right balance between technicality and style. The coats, jackets and windbreakers of the brand perfectly fit the shape of the body and meet the aesthetic needs of riding enthusiasts. With the sleek cuts available in several colors , everyone will find what they are looking for. The sleeveless jacket is the perfect intermediary adopted by a great number of riders who ride in the fresh air or go trekking on horseback. The sleeveless jackets Celsius and Rider Vest can be worn with one or more layers depending on the outside temperature.

    Horse Pilot is inspired by other sensational sports to design technical clothing, but the designers are also constantly on the lookout for new trends and fashion movements to offer products that are comfortable, chic and ensure the safety of the riders.


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