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Men's polo and t-shirt

Specifically designed for competitive or recreational riding, the Horse Pilot technical polo and t-shirt line adapts to your multiple daily uses. Riding is a sport consists of many activities ranging from dressage, eventing, jumping competitions through intensive training.

Horse Pilot men's riding polos and t-shirts

A polo shirt or riding t-shirt is an essential for all riders. The Horse Pilot brand therefore puts its know-how at the service of riders to dedicate them a range of polo shirts and riding t-shirts adapted to all morphologies and tastes.

Our riding polo shirts and t-shirts for men

Horse Pilot has developed a collection entirely dedicated to men: they will find riding polo shirts and t-shirts with various cuts, colors and technical properties. These are comfortable and perfectly adapted to the practice of riding or stable work.

Discover our premium men's riding polo brand

Horse Pilot's premium riding polo shirts promise every rider unique comfort and great technical qualities. They best meet the needs of riders, whether amateur or professional, by guaranteeing comfort, aesthetics and resistance.

The Horse Pilot men's riding polo collection

Horse Pilot is constantly evolving, according to the trends and needs of its customers. Thus, the brand offers riders clothing that is both fashionable, and technical. Their efficiency and aesthetics make polo shirts and riding tee shirts for men essential that every rider should have.

Masculine colors for your riding polo

When riding a horse, a rider should feel comfortable in his clothes, and that includes their aesthetics. To that end, the equestrian polo Horse Pilot are available in several very different colors. These masculine and neutral colors are varied and will suit all riders, regardless of their taste. Thus, they can choose between royal blue riding polo, black, beige, red show polo or even green. It is also possible to find white polo shirts, very popular in competition (dressage, show jumping, etc.).

The different types of men's riding polo shirts and t-shirts

Horse Pilot offers different models of men's riding t-shirts and polo shirts but also women's riding polo. Their cuts, materials and shapes are different and cover a wide range of possibilities. Thus, the types of closures, weaves and sleeve lengths diverge to give riders the widest possible choice.

Short-sleeve or long-sleeve polos

Being comfortable in all seasons when riding is important. Depending on your activities and the weather, riders will not have the same needs. So Horse Pilot has developed short-sleeve polo shirts for warm days, but also long-sleeve for the end of the day, or as a first layer under a thicker jacket.

Button or zip-up polo shirts

The closure of a polo shirt gives it a different aesthetic depending on its nature. For example, riders can choose a button-down polo for a traditional closure, or a polo with a zipper. This choice depends on the use of the polo (leisure, competition with a equestrian competition polo and the riders' preferences regarding their style.

The quality of the material and weave

The texture and look of a garment changes depending on its material and weave. To suit everyone, Horse Pilot offers pique knit or jersey polo shirts. The former gives an easy to care for and stretchy fabric. As for the latter, it's lightweight, soft and supple: ideal for warmer weather.

Technical riding tops for riding

Reputed for its technical riding apparel, the Horse Pilot brand is no exception when it comes to polo shirts. Both comfortable and durable, they offer riders technical performance perfectly suited to riding and stable work.

Comfortable polos and t-shirts for men

The material of Horse Pilot men's polo shirts and t-shirts is lightweight, which makes them very comfortable and, above all, very pleasant to wear during hot weather. They fit perfectly and are worn like a second skin thanks to their stretch material.

Performing polo shirts and t-shirts tailored for men

Horse Pilot polo shirts and t-shirts have technical qualities that live up to the brand's reputation. Indeed, they are highly resistant while being light and highly breathable. The different models are perfectly adapted to the different seasons, ranging from thin and breathable polo shirts to long-sleeved polo shirts that retain body heat. Finally, they do not hinder the freedom of movement of riders.

Design riding polo shirts for riding

Riders' appearance is really important, especially in competition. Thus, Horse Pilot offers riding polo shirts that will enhance riders and best fit every situation. The various cuts and the neat design of the proposed products will suit whatever the morphology and the tastes of the riders. The models are tight-fitting so as not to impede freedom of movement, and with or without pockets depending on the needs.

How to choose your riding polo shirt.

To find the right riding polo or t-shirt, a rider will have to base his choice on several criteria. Thus, he will have to choose according to his size, his tastes, but also the use he will make of it and at what regularity.

How to match the colors of your outfit

Aesthetics in a riding outfit are largely played out by matching all the colors worn, especially in the polo shirt and pants. Thus, a rider can choose sobriety by marrying very neutral colors such as black, white with a white riding polo or gray. On the contrary, he can opt for a more colorful polo shirt and match it with a classic color pants (black, for example). Finally, if he wants to wear colored riding pants, he can match it with a polo shirt in a more neutral color.

What size polo to choose?

Riding with ill-fitting clothes can quickly become very unpleasant. Indeed, a polo shirt that is too small will be uncomfortable and will impede freedom of movement. On the contrary, a polo shirt that is too big will be impractical and may even interfere with sitting in the saddle if it is too long. Of course, it is important to choose a polo shirt or a t-shirt that is totally adapted to the rider's morphology: his height, weight, build and even his musculature. To help the riders to make their choice, Horse Pilot provides a very useful size guide which lists the measurements to take to determine their size. These are similar to those for shirts.

How to care for your riding polo shirt.

Riding polo shirts and tee shirts need careful cleaning to maintain their shape, color and technical properties. First of all, it is advisable to look at the label of the polo shirt and follow the washing advice indicated. In addition, it is important to turn the garment inside out before putting it in the washing machine. It is preferable to use a natural detergent without residue and not to add softener that could alter certain technical materials. Finally, a polo shirt or riding tee should be washed at 30°C maximum and air dry (not tumble dry).


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