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Men's show jacket

Riding is a sport that emphasizes style and elegance. Horse Pilot men's riding jackets have been designed in our workshops to meet all the needs of women riders. The different models proposed are suitable for the different categories of events: show jumping CSO, CSE, hunter, dressage...

Men's riding competition jackets

Wearing a riding competition jacket is mandatory for certain disciplines. This is, for example, the case for dressage and show jumping events, where each rider must wear a specific coloured show jacket. The Horse Pilot brand has therefore created equestrian jackets for men adapted to equestrian practices. The models are varied according to their cuts, colours and technical characteristics. For this, there are also women's riding jackets

Our men's show jackets

Every rider deserves to compete in horseback riding with a jacket that is both stylish and comfortable. That's why Horse Pilot has developed a whole range of show jackets for riding dedicated to men. The various models in this collection are of high quality and adapt perfectly to the rider's movements so as not to hinder him. Thus, every rider will be able to find a riding jacket to his taste and that will suit his needs among all the models at his disposal.

A premium men's riding competition jacket brand

The Horse Pilot brand has distinguished itself many times over for its high-quality products and, above all, for its increasingly advanced innovations. Its collection of men's riding competition jackets is no exception. The models are aesthetic, practical and very comfortable. Riders can therefore be assured of wearing a high quality jacket thanks to which they will be comfortable on horseback.

The Horse Pilot men's show jacket collection

If female riders like to look stylish when riding, so do male riders. To satisfy them at best, Horse Pilot has dedicated to them a remarkable collection composed of high quality riding competition jackets. The models are varied and will thus be able to please everyone.

Men's show jackets compatible with Horse Pilot airbags

For all riders, it is really important to wear an airbag waistcoat when riding. To encourage wearing this protection, the Horse Pilot brand has created a range of airbag compatible men's riding jackets. These are very thin, and then appear invisible under the jacket. This is the case with the Air Motion Protect show jacket, which was designed to be worn with the In & Motion airbag waistcoat from the same brand. Thus, this allows riders to feel safe while maintaining the characteristic elegance of a riding competition jacket.

Allowed colours for your Horse Pilot riding competition jacket

The French Equestrian Federation (FFE) rules govern a dress code associated with certain colours. For example, white (or cream) trousers are mandatory. The colours of the competition jackets are also regulated. Thus, to combine at best these rules and the preferences of the riders as regards aestheticism, Horse Pilot developed a range of colours authorized in equestrian competition. Thus, it is possible to find black, green, navy blue riding competition jacket and red riding competition jacket. This gives the rider the option to match their jacket with their outfit or their horse's rug, while still following the rules.

Customisable show jackets

In horseback riding, a rider's elegance and style are important. Horse Pilot show jackets have therefore been designed following fashion and trends so that riders can wear a jacket that is equally stylish and technical. The Horse Pilot brand has innovated in the field of show jackets by allowing everyone to customise their jacket. Riders can choose the colour of the buttons and collar, and the addition of pockets and/or certain pieces, such as alcantara, on the sleeves, collar or pockets. It's enough to make the jacket of your dreams!

Why buy a show riding jacket to compete in

When a rider wants to compete, it is mandatory to wear a suitable jacket. This is governed by the FFE regulations. Thus, the jacket being compulsory, it is preferable that the rider chooses one that will be adapted to the event he wishes to compete in. Indeed, the cuts are different according to the disciplines, and the materials used are also different. Moreover, certain technical characteristics are more adapted to certain disciplines, such as breathability for dressage, and freedom of movement for show jumping or jumping.

The different types of men's riding competition jackets

There are a huge number of different equestrian disciplines, so you need show jackets that match these specifics. Horse Pilot dressage and show jumping jackets are perfectly suited to the riders as well as to the disciplines they practice, following their movements and different positions.

Men's jumping jackets

For a show jumping competition, riders need a jacket that can follow their movements perfectly. Horse Pilot show jumping jackets are therefore suitable for this discipline. The materials used are light and follow the rider's movements, especially in the balance position. The different models of jackets will allow him to keep his full freedom of movement and, thus, to be more comfortable.

Men's dressage jackets

Regulatory dressage competition attire always consists of a jacket. It is an important piece that brings all its elegance to the outfit. Thus, the Horse Pilot brand provides riders with comfortable and aesthetic dressage competition jackets, with various cuts and colours.

Designed men's riding competition jackets for riding

In horseback riding, the outfit is an important element. As for the riders, they appreciate wearing a jacket that is as comfortable as it is stylish in which they feel good. That's why Horse Pilot has developed competition jackets with varied and elaborate designs. The cuts, long or short, vary and are adapted to each discipline. This allows each rider to find a jacket that will suit him perfectly.

How to choose your riding competition jacket

A show riding jacket is usually a piece that the rider keeps for a long time. It is therefore important that he chooses one that corresponds to both his size and the discipline he practices. Finally, it is also very important that this jacket respects the mandatory criteria in terms of colour, that it pleases the rider in terms of style, and that it is comfortable enough for him to feel at ease in all circumstances.

A riding competition jacket for every equestrian discipline

All equestrian disciplines are different. Based on this observation and the fact that a rider in comfortable clothing will manage to concentrate better, the Horse Pilot brand has created riding competition jackets adapted to each discipline. For example, the jumping and racing jackets are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. Dressage jackets are classic and very stylish. They are light and breathable so that they do not keep the rider too warm and do not restrict his movements. Finally, for show jumping, riders can put on the Air Motion Protect jacket, which is made to be worn with the in & Motion airbag waistcoat, so riders feel safe.

Show jacket men's size guide

A show jacket needs to fit well to be stylish. This means choosing the right size. This will prevent the jacket from being too small, and therefore awkward, or too large and thus unattractive. In order to help the riders to make the right choice, Horse Pilot puts at their disposal a detailed and precise size guide. They will then be able to compare their measurements with those mentioned in the guide, and thus choose directly the ideal size for their riding competition jacket.


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