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Men's Riding Pants

Horse Pilot designs technical clothing for men. They are among the best riding pants in terms of safety, comfort and functionality. Horse Pilot pants include a wide range of technological features that set them apart from other pants sold on the market.

Horse Pilot men's riding pants and breeches

Today it is possible to buy riding pants specially designed and adapted for men. Many models exist on the market. A good horseback riding pant protects you from splashes, but also looks good and is comfortable to wear. Horse Pilot is doing its part by offering a range of riding breeches from the best technological innovations, tested by riders, for riders.

Men's riding breeches adapted to horsemanship

In a desire to achieve excellence, Horse Pilot has developed a well-thought-out range, of men's pants adapted to equestrian sports. Our brand has looked at the innovative technologies used in cycling, swimming and running to adapt them to horse riding. We asked experienced riders to help us test them. Then we used their feedback to make our products, designed specifically for riding, perfect. They were created to be the best riding pants in terms of safety, comfort and functionality. Horse Pilot pants include a wide range of features that set them apart from other pants sold on the market.

Premium riding pants for men

If you love riding, you probably want to look like a pro. Riding attire is essential for anyone who loves horses. The Horse Pilot riding pants are the ultimate riding pants for men.

The Horse Pilot men's collection of riding pants

Be the rider who stands out from the crowd with our comfortable, durable and stylish horse gear. No matter the style, the Horse Pilot men's riding pants are made with rugged, durable material. The slim fit is close to the body without being tight with the X-Design model. For a tight and masculine fit, choose one of the X-Balance models. Each model adapts to your needs. All have the qualities of an ideal, versatile riding suit that allows freedom of movement. Slip on one of our riding breeches and you get the comfort of a breathable and protective second skin.

Men's show riding pants

For your show rides, there's nothing like a pair of white Horse Pilot men's riding pants. Our versatile pants are available in white for your show jumping and dressage competitions. Stay focused on your performance with your show pants. Since, even in white, your model remains completely opaque.

Masculine colors for your Horse Pilot riding pants

Our pants come in a variety of colors to suit your tastes. Choose from a variety of colors like classic black or white, hunter beige, or the royal blue riding pants trend. Because a man too is free to match his riding breeches with his boots or his riding outfit.

Seasonal and weather-appropriate riding pants for men

Men's Horse Pilot riding pants are a garment designed to make the wearer feel comfortable in all weather conditions. Its contoured fit that is neither too loose nor too tight is ideal for keeping the rider warm and dry in all weather.

Waterproof men's riding pants for winter

Horse Pilot pants can be worn year-round. Want a warmer pant? Go with the X-Balance Winter pants. Specially designed with a scratchy fleece lining to handle winter's chill, these winter riding pants are warm and water repellent. A high part protects your belly and back from the cold, like overalls. This part is removable, thanks to its practical zipper system.

Summer antiperspirant men's riding pants

The Sensitive Fit material that makes up our pants is breathable, UV-resistant and 4-way-stretch. As a result, the fabric is stretchy and breathable. That means you don't get too hot and are comfortable, even when it's hot.

Technical riding pants for men

Beginner or seasoned rider, every riding enthusiast will find something to suit them in Horse Pilot pants. Featuring tailored technical materials and meticulous finishes, our summer riding pants are versatile and durable.

men's riding pants with grips

The Sensitive Fit material in our pants is abrasion resistant. To further protect you from wear and tear in the friction areas, we added grips areas on the inside of the knees. The Riding Pants with Grip offer with their horizontal shape, a better fixation of your leg when riding. Especially when you jump in show jumping.

Men's riding pants with silicone bottom

A padded silicone bottom protects you from saddle chafing or injury. It also improves your fit in the saddle. Even after long hours on it. It preserves your freedom of movement on horseback without losing any support or protection.

Design riding pants for men

If you want to look fashionable every time you ride, get some stylish riding pants for men. Not only will they protect your legs from injury in case of an incident, but they will also give your fashion sense a boost.

Our men's riding pants with classic fit

Horse Pilot offers two types of classic cuts, to show off your inner gentleman. Slightly loose or close-fitting, you maintain your freedom of movement with elegance for any occasion. The bottom of our scratch-free pants won't ride up, even after hours in the saddle. This allows you to wear them with boots or riding shoes.

Our men's high waist riding pants behind and low waist in front

The high waist behind covers the lower back, while the low waist in front avoids pressure on the stomach. This way, your pants fit like a glove, even after a little weight gain. The waistband follows the body's movements to prevent any yawning of the garment.

Our men's riding pants with pockets

No less than 4 pockets equip the Horse Pilot pants for men. 2 pockets in the front and 2 in the back under flap. The pockets on the pants are very practical to easily store items such as phones, keys and wallets. Ideal for riding your horse or preparing your mount while keeping what you want close at hand.

Our men's seamless riding pants

The seams disappear from the friction areas with the saddle. Thus, your legs and buttocks are safe from unwanted effects. The absence of seams offers a perfect contact with your saddle and your mount. This means less risk of slipping during direction changes. You gain stability for your dressage competitions.

How to choose your riding pants.

Comfort and protection are key when spending hours in the saddle. When looking for men's riding pants, there are many factors to consider. The most important is the price. The price of the men's riding pants should be reasonable and affordable, while offering good value for money. The sale period can be an opportunity to get a good pant at a better price. It could be an opportunity to add the purchase of your riding shoes. Other factors to consider when buying men's riding breeches are the durability of the product, as well as the quality of the item itself. You want a durable product that will stand up to wear and tear and accidents that may occur during use. This is assured with quality products, such as the Horse Pilot Men's Riding Pants.

Men's riding pants tailored to your level

Any rider looking to invest in a pair of training or show pants that are unique will find value in investing in Horse Pilot pants. Whether you're a beginner or advanced rider, you'll find everything you need at the best value to enjoy your passion.

A man's riding pant for every equestrian discipline

Tough, comfortable and stylish multipurpose pants fit all your riding practices. In dressage recovery or trail riding, your pants are the same. In interclub show jumping, you go out with the class of the greatest international jumpers. You decide to race with your friends through the fields during a ride? That's possible too!

Men's size guide to buying riding pants

Choose the optimal size for your pants with the Horse Pilot size guide. You fill in your age, height and weight profile. You indicate your morphology and the desired comfort. And the guide informs your ideal size to choose on the selected model.

Which riding pants for which figure?

For some men, buying pants is a relatively quick and easy process. The best solution is to find a garment that you feel comfortable in and that fits you perfectly. If you feel good in it, you will definitely look your best. Note that a high waist gives you a slimmer silhouette. The Sensitive Fit cut and fabric of the Horse Pilot pants fit all body types. Horse Pilot also offers women's riding pants suitable for all uses and different riding practices.


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