Riding Airbag Vest
air jackets
show coats protection
Airbag for horse-riders
equestrian airbag
horse-riding airbag

Airbag Jacket

499,00 €

The riding airbag vest that provides safety, comfort and discretion. Unisex - Cannot be used alone without the Light Pack Kit sold separately.

  • Riding Airbag Vest
  • air jackets
  • show coats protection
  • Airbag for horse-riders
  • equestrian airbag
  • horse-riding airbag
499,00 €

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The equestrian airbag you want to wear

Horse riding is a passionate sport but also a dangerous sport, at high level as well as in leisure. The Airbag jacket is an innovation that protects the rider's vital areas.

For an airbag to be effective, it must first be worn. It is for this reason that we have decided to remove as much as possible the constraints related to its use.

We have worked closely with In&motion, a company specialising in personal protection for skiing and motorcycling, which has received several awards for its innovations.

Together we have completely redesigned the horse riding airbag. From the gas cartridge, to the trigger, to the fit of the vest or the leash, everything has been optimized to offer safety, comfort and discretion to riders, from beginners to CSI 5*.


⇨ Currently, the AIRBAG VEST NOT AVAILABLE FOR DIRECT SALE in the following countries: China, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, & South Africa. For a better service, training and support we are encouraging our customers to order the airbag range to our local Horse Pilot retailers. Please find your local retailer or contact us directly.


Freedom of movement

No oversize, no useless folds or discomfort, freedom of movement is preserved thanks to the fit as well as the stretch and breathable fabrics.

Protection of the vital areas of the body

Abdomen, neck, vertebral column, chest.
CE CERTIFICATION - This airbag is CE certified by the CRITT Sport Loisirs laboratory (European norm CE EN 13158).

Thin & ergonomic

The trigger and the recharge are thin and ergonomic in order to be as discreet and comfortable as possible. Patented system exclusive to the Horse Pilot Airbag integrating In&motion technology.

Magnetic leash strap

A detail which is highly relevant. When riding, the leash is instantly connected using one hand only and it can also be detached by a single pull of the strap

A ready-made Air vest

The airbag vest is delivered ready to use with a refill + magnetic leash strap. Cannot be used alone without the Light Pack Kit sold separately.

Testimonials from riders

Use the riding airbag in competitions or training?


Compatible Airbag Range

Product values


Technical Details

  • Closely fitted to the body with an ergonomic shape

    at one with the rider

  • Breathable stretch fabrics

    optimal levels of comfort

  • Fastens with a zip and wide armholes

    for freedom of movement

  • Composition:

    Main material 1: 73% Nylon, 27% Spandex
    Main material 2: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex

  • Weight:

    Size S weighs 1.143 kg


Preform Fit gives the rider full freedom of movement, eliminating all tension and hindrance

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Fabrics with stand-out properties to limit friction and improve comfort

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Aerotech uses the speed of the rider to optimise ventilation engaging in sport

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  • Do not machine wash the airbag
  • Clean using a damp sponge
  • Leave to air dry
  • Do not soak. Do not dry clean
  • An airbag requires maintenance, read the user manual carefully


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Recharge Airbag
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Ride safe: inspiration and research on behalf of riders

The safety vests from Horse Pilot are designed to provide safety, comfort and freedom of movement. Because horse riding involves taking risks, the riding vest is directly inspired from other adrenaline sports such as moto and ski. Safety clothing are meant to protect vital areas : the ribs, the back, the abdomen, the spine the shoulder, the neck, the coccyx to avoid serious injuries. The inflatable air jacket is triggered through a cartridge in a millisecond. You just have to tie it to the stirrup leather of your saddle and your ready to ride. The body protector will only be deployed when falling off the horse. It is therefore safe to walk, trot, canter, gallop and jump without fearing the unintentional deployment of the riding vest.

Airbag jacket: an essential item for everyday use

Despite the high tech protection system, this safety apparel remains light weight, waterproof and elastic thanks to the padded lining, the small zipper and the light snug for an optimal freedom of movement while riding. Riding helmets have become a standard and mandatory to wear both at home and in competition. Our main concern is that safety vests follow the same way in order to provide riders the perfect riding experience and protective gear. Whether you practice olympic dressage, show jumping, cross-country, endurance or take western riding lessons, your garment must provide maximum protection.

Safety, elegance and discretion

You can try on the airbag in our partner saddlery and ask for personalised advice. There are also special compatible products that can be worn above the airbag vest such as a show jacket for competition or a bomber jacket during training. Contrary to hi-vis jacket, the airbag riding vest from Horse Pilot won't even be noticed under clothes from the compatible range. We have worked in collaboration with in&motion to create a protective gear that meets the aesthetic and ergonomic needs required in horse riding. These long years of research have paid off, as the airbag has won over its users from beginners to 5 stars Grand Prix riders. Discover the testimonials of our airbag enthusiasts.

A certified and approved technology

Beyond being validated by great riders for its comfort, design and safety, the airbag jacket is approved by the CRITT sport loisirs laboratory (Standard CE en 13158). This makes the safety vest the flagship product of Horse Pilot as it is equipped with all the state-of-the-art technologies. Waterproof, stretch, comfortable, elegant, light, trying it on is adopting it.