Gas cartridge

Gas cartridge

28,00 €

Gas refill for Horse Pilot airbag vest developed by In&Motion.

  • Gas cartridge
28,00 €

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Gas refill for Horse Pilot airbag vest

The airbag refill developed by In&Motion has been designed to guarantee an ergonomic shape and a large volume of gas for optimal protection. Thanks to an air volume trapped in 4 small cartridges, the system keeps a discreet and comfortable shape. When triggered, the 4 small gas cylinders contained in the cartridge instantly empty to inflate the entire airbag.


⇨ Currently, the AIRBAG VEST IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR DIRECT SALE in the following countries: China, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, & South Africa. For a better service, training and support we are encouraging our customers to order the Gas refill to our local Horse Pilot retailers. Please contact your local retailer or contact us directly.



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