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Guillaume Canet





training place

Haras de Bory in La Boissière-École

Best Result

There was Lyon with a 6th place in the 2* where there was a good Grand Prix. Otherwise this winter in Paris in the Grand Prix 2*, a big 145/150 where I am without fault. Now I was really happy! I screwed up my barrage and finished 9th but for me, it remains one of the best performances.

Why Horse Pilot?

I was looking for a jacket that was elegant and in fact, at first, it was through the Airbag that I came to Horse Pilot. Because I was looking for an airbag jacket that was elegant, not too warm and well cut. I saw the Horse Pilot jacket on several riders and that's how I contacted the brand. It made me want to wear Horse Pilot and as a result, I discovered the whole range of outfits and technical clothing. And because the team is cool too! (laughs)

My tips and tricks

I worked with a mental coach, David Corona, who is great and who taught me to have anchor points just before I started on the track. The anchoring points can be the way to move towards the track between the paddock and the entrance or when I feel. It's more psychological than physical stuff, but it's my way of conditioning myself to do the course, to be serene and calm.

Guillaume Canet rider


Horse Pilot favorite (except for the airbag)

The shirts! I find them very, very comfortable to wear. They are elastic and we are very comfortable in them. I really appreciate it! And the tie too. Not having to do it every morning is cool too. (laughs) Just being able to hang it up like that is very convenient.

A story or an anecdote or someone who links you to Horse Pilot

It's Alexandre De Rothschild. He was wearing that Horse Pilot jacket that amazed me and when I discovered it was an airbag, it made me want to try it.