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Félicie Bertrand


Training place

Haras du Breuil, Auge, France

Best results

  • In 2018, 1st place in the Mediterranean Games in individual
  • In 2019, 1st place in the GP 5* in Bordeaux
  • In 2020, 2nd place in the GP5* in Bordeaux

Félicie Bertrand, Delicacy and nimbleness, in harmony with her horses

Why this rider ?

The high level in equestrian sports still remains today a true man's world but Felicie has managed to find a place, without cutting corners and staying true to herself. Light and precise in the way she rides, she is very close to her horses and spread a beautiful energy while remaining an impressive competitor. Felicie is one of the rare European feminine riders to have made the choice to wear an Airbag jacket on 5* classes. She wears it with elegance and contribute to generalize and develop safety in the high level competition. She began a new turning point in her career and we are very pleased to be allowed to stand by her side for her new projects.

Why Horse Pilot ?

I have chosen Horse Pilot because the clothes fit very well. I am feeling good in their products. I feel comfortable to ride and in the warm during winter.

Felicie's Favorite

Difficult choice to make but I would say the Aerotech Show Jacket.

Any ritual?

I don't really have a ritual. Maybe keep myself to myself just before a show.

A fact linked to Horse Pilot

I knew Aurélien, one of the three co-founders, thanks to family links and I remember he gave me my first show jacket in Fontainebleau, at the very first beginning of Horse Pilot

A mantra?

"Manage to use fails to move forwards."

Felicie Bertrand

Revolution T-shirt

Photos Credits: 1. Stéphane Candé© / 2. Morgan Froment© /3. Stéphane Barbato©


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