Training place

Ecurie Livio, Dénezé Sous Doué, France

Best result

  • In 2018, Team bronze medal at the World Championship of Tryon (USA) with Opium de Verrières and 7th in individual
  • In 2019, 2nd of the CIC**** of Sopot with Vegas des Boursons
  • In 2020, 1rst place in the 4* of Lignières with Api du Libaire

Maxime Livio, Respect and rigor in everyday life

Why this rider?

Maxime shares our vision of equestrian sports and perceives the rider as a full sportsperson, for whom the daily training is decisive in the search of the final performance. He has a global vision of his discipline and he is open to every side of his sport as a high-level athlete but also in the work and commercialization of his horses, as well as in the teaching and in the training.

Why Horse Pilot?

Because it is a French brand that brings a lot of technique and modernity to this sport, rooted in tradition.

Maxime's Favorite

It is very hard to choose a firm favorite but I particularly like: the coat Fahrenheit, the raincoat lntégral , the show jackets and the show shirts.

Any ritual?

Before getting on my horse's back, whatever the class is, I always take the time to shut my eyes and visualize the course.

A fact linked to Horse Pilot

I have never been very fan of riders who ride with a show shirt on the cross country and Horse Pilot has changed my mind for the comfort and the lightness brought by the shirts.

A mantra?

"There's no problem, only solutions. If it's not obvious right away, you must keep on searching it."

Maxime Livio

Long Frac

Photos Credits: 1. Solène Bailly© / 2. Morgan Froment©


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