At Horse Pilot, we know that buying the right equipment is an investment. We are committed to ensuring that this investment is largely profitable in terms of pleasure of use and longevity. It is to ensure this lifespan that we develop our products according to three objectives:

• Create a sustainable product
• Repair clothing
• Manage the end of life of clothing


The choice of materials is one of the first factors for strength and durability, but it’s not the only one. Every detail matters, including seams, snap buttons, zipper sliders, hoods… For clothes to be good, we believe that everything must be useful and have an overall excellent quality.

Zippers, snap buttons, marking… they are not insignificant details.


During the design phase, we imagine the possible future repairs and anticipate them. For example, all our products have easily replaceable zippers. We can replace any snap button quickly or weatherproof anew a rain protection material that would already be a few years old.

Our workshops in France provide all types of repairs within a reasonable time.

Be they still covered by warranty* or not, we are committed to do all we can to give your clothes a new life. If the product is not covered by warranty or if the repair is not caused by a manufacturing defect, we will apply a reasonable pricing to encourage repair rather than replacement.

Permanent repair departments in our workshops in France or temporary in all our Pop-Up Store


repair prices when not covered by warranty

*Our products are covered by warranty during 2 years when used in normal conditions.
The warranty does not cover negligence, normal wear damage or misuse.
Cleaning technical clothes is an important longevity factor.
Always consult the instruction label in the garment.


In partnership with LE RELAIS (, we organize an annual collection of used clothes directly in partner saddleries via a collection point. All textiles collected by Le Relais will be sorted and packaged in one of the 14 appointed centers of Le Relais. The items will be recycled in different ways:

Resold in one of the 73 “Ding Fring” stores, for the items in better condition;

Transformed into Métisse® thermal and acoustic insulation wool, a range of high performance and high-quality insulation products for buildings;

Sent to one of three sorting centers located in Burkina Faso, Senegal and Madagascar. These three sorting centers are proof of the Relais’s will to create long-term jobs in developing areas. There, clothes are once again sorted before being resold or recycled. These centers support the local economy.

Recycle products