Selecting our raw materials
means acting from the beginning of the cycle.

What is
Oeko-Tex ?



It is a label that certifies that the material does not contain substances harmful to health and the environment. Oeko-Tex® fabrics are checked at every stage of processing: raw materials, yarns and dyeing.

Saving is preserving

We have developed a healthier way of dyeing our raw materials, for example, in order to use less water and limit the chemicals used.

We are also committed to recycling material scraps to avoid unnecessary waste, optimize each use of material and recycle waste.

and then ?



We try to include these small ecological advances in a global ethical approach, which we aim to improve every day. Thus, as passionate riders, if nature, which is our playground, is one of our priorities, so is animal welfare. In our winter collection, some coats contain down to keep you warm. This down is labeled Fair Down and meets the standards of the Responsible Standard Down (RSD) certification which guarantees the responsible provenance of the down and the proper treatment of the animals from which it comes.



In addition, all the cotton used in the collection will be all organic cotton.

What's next ?


By 2021, we have already increased the proportion of recycled materials in our collection by 15%. The 2022 collection is already on its way and will be made up of 100% products made from eco-friendly materials.

Our commitments


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