Tests & Testimonials

Tests on the Gold Reflect’Line technology used in Horse Pilot riders’ clothing

Study performed at the Physics and Textile Mechanics laboratory of the Université de Haute Alsace in Mulhouse (LPMT-UNR-CNRS)
Evaluate the “stabilising” effect procured by wearing a jacket incorporating a special binder (Gold Reflect’ Line®) using indicators to accurately describe the quality of postural control characteristics.

The Sports Medicine Institute (FMSI) of Turin (Italy)
Evaluation of the effects of GOLD REFLECT’Line in stress tests. Studying maximum and above-maximum stress levels.

Tinetti Test performed in the presence of a bailiff (Etude SCP MOULIN & PICOT)
The Tinetti tests allow for a cardinal evaluation of balance disorders, with and without the clothes designed with the Gold Reflect’ Line®.
75% of participants experienced an improvement in excess of 4/35 (minimal difference 0/35 – maximal 14/35) making it possible to conclude that the product produces a very positive effect when it comes to improving balance.

Horse Pilot riding clothing has been tested by many top-level riders.
These tests identified an improvement in the riders’ postural stability. This improvement in balance is particularly observable whenever a situation arises in which the rider risks losing his balance:
during a major jump, a sudden swerve by the horse, or a refusal to jump an obstacle… 
The riders equipped with the Horse Pilot riding clothing enjoyed greater stability and retained their position more naturally. 
When landing after jumping an obstacle, the riders experienced less of a sensation of being thrown forward, and therefore gained time and precision.
 The effects of the Gold Reflect’Line technology in the riders’ clothing and the Horse Pilot competition jacket are particularly observable over time as the rider gains added confidence, relaxes and moves in a more fluid manner.

The GOLD REFLECT’Line technology used by Horse Pilot: a concept which has already proved its worth in other sporting disciplines.

Philippe Willman – Trainer for the French skiing squad – Ladies’ World Cup technical group
Stéphane Peterhansel – Equipped with GOLD REFLECT’Line on the last DAKAR rally 2011
Randy DE PUNIET –motorcycle GP world championship rider
Team Citroën WRC
Thomas Toussaint –2005 Moto trial French champion
Kilian Jornet – One of the best trail running champions, GR20 record holder
Théo Devard – Junior world champion 2007 and 2009 downhill sprint kayaking
Arthur POIRET – European Mountain bike Cup, downhill and enduro