Lionnel Ducruet

An enthusiast with an extraordinary record

Over the past 20 years, Lionel has designed technical equipment to accompany some of the most extreme expeditions in the world.

Supporting numerous great mountaineers in the ascent of Everest (8,848m), K2 (8,611m), Annapurna (8,091m), Lhoste (8,516m), Gasherbrum (8,068m), Broad Peak 8,051m).

Explorers such as Mike Horn during his adventure at the North Pole, the Prince Albert expedition on the South Pole, and the Amazon crossing.

The EIDER team, multiple winners of the Raid Gauloise race or even ski and snowboard Freeriders at the X-Games and the Freeride World Tour.

Two of his jackets were honoured with ISPO AWARDS.


« I have invested my passion and pioneering spirit into all my projects. Now, I commit myself to the Horse Pilot adventure because I see they share the values ​​that have brought me as far as this »

Lionnel Ducruet


Intelligent and portable protection systems

In&motion develops intelligent, portable protection systems that reduce injuries in the event of any fall. The company aims to expand the reach of these systems for everyday applications and uses.





In 2014, In&motion launched a partnership with the ski helmet brand POC and developed an airbag for skiers. Honoured with the CES Innovation Award 2016 and the ISPO Red Dot Gold Award, the airbags and skiers using them carried off two titles at the World Cup.

In June 2016, In&motion joined forces with Ixon, a motorcycle manufacturer in the Moto GP field.

It is now the turn of the riders to benefit from this new technology. In&motion and Horse Pilot formalized this partnership at the Salon du Cheval in Paris in 2016.

The In&motion airbag was designed to be fully integrated under three types of Horse Pilot jackets: A training jacket, a competition jacket and a technical jacket.



 « The challenge involved proposing an effective solution and improving existing airbag systems. After analysing accident investigations and how riders used equipment, we decided to develop a new generation of airbags with mechanical triggers, which were less cumbersome and more ergonomic than current systems. This new system has since seen two patents filed »

Valentin Honoré, Co-fondateur d’In&motion

« We aim to combine comfort, visuals and safety while eliminating the airbag constraints. »

Aurélien Guillon, Co-fondateur de Horse Pilot

Two companies united by a single value: innovation


Aurélien comments: « When we started the Horse Pilot adventure, our goal was to transpose these new textile technologies into the world of horse-riding to spawn real innovation. Our links with In&motion have helped us step forward and we are now innovating safety material for riders while preserving all the comfort and aesthetics of our products. »




Created in 2014 by three engineers, Equisense is entrusted with the linking horses and rider and improving the performance and well-being of both.

Horse Pilot has partnered Equisense to develop a connected jacket, which monitors rider activity and its impact on torque performance.

Jonathan & Fletcher

One of Europe’s most renowned technical consulting firms.

Holder of numerous world records in many disciplines, such as Super Giant slalom skiing, KL skiing & cycling, sailing, freefall …

Nowadays a go-to reference in the outside world.

Pass French Tech

A French label paving the way to follow and accompany the internal development projects and the various innovation programs implemented throughout the Horse Pilot range.

laureate of INPI innovation awards in the design category