Horse Pilot created a new generation of Airbag equipments, even more ergonomic and comfortable.

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Airbag by Horse Pilot

Airbags have become an essential item in horse riding today. They prevent serious injuries and their dramatic sequels in case of heavy falls and blows. Horse Pilot has developed a complete range of airbag protective gear/equipment to improve yet again the safety and comfort of horse riders.

We were not the first to offer airbags.
But we are the first to re-design them.

To take up this new challenge, we have worked with one of the most experienced team in that field: In&Motion. A company which shares with us the same innovative spirit and the same passion for creating ever more intelligent products.

An airbag completely designed for the rider’s comfort

A comfortable protection

As we usually do, we carried out extensive tests on existing equipments. We also obtained relevant feedback from our riders, especially those who are familiar with airbag jackets.

Our experience of innovative materials made us disregard rigid textiles and choose flexible and breathable materials. The Horse Pilot airbag jacket is preformed to fit perfectly the upper body of the rider.

So more comfortable than the awkward feeling that you are wearing a life jacket.

This close fit enables the airbag jacket to be worn under our Aerotech Airbag compatible competition jacket.

A redesigned airbag generator

We designed an ergonomic and compact 4 mini-cartridge generator. This innovative design addresses the discomfort caused by unique cartridge airbag jackets, which require adding a rigid protection plate (protecting the rider’s thorax from a potential impact with the large cartridge).

A closer fit in its finest details

We use a magnetic leash strap, a detail which is highly relevant. When mounting, the leash is instantly connected using one hand only and it can also be detached by a single pull of the strap.

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And its accessories; the AEROTECH showjacket compatible, the BOMBERS