X-tra Comfort Fabric

X-tra Comfort Fabric

Your second skin

Retour aux technologies
The principle

Fabrics with stand-out properties to limit friction and improve comfort



Friction is an ever-present issue in endurance sports. Repeating a movement against a seam or yoke can cause terrible suffering for athletes. The same is true for horse-riding.


Our objective: To make you forget you are wearing a garment but make you feel only the benefits.

Which is why we use sensitive textiles for all our clothing in direct contact with the skin. These super-strong fabrics offer virtually unrivalled innovation and appeal, no matter how often you wash them.

Their performance is unmatched. By deploying the latest decut and assembly technology, we can achieve body mapping and tailor our equipment to meet the needs of the body based on the areas where most effort is made.

Where to find ?

In all our garments in direct contact with the skin: breeches, first skin, undergarments, shirts, polo shirts

X-PURE breeches, aerial showshirt, ariia polo