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    Find the best quality equestrian equipment and accessories

    Today, more and more riders are looking for equestrian equipment and accessories that offer the best comfort and safety for the practice of horse riding and equestrian disciplines such as dressage or competition. At Horse Pilot, discover the products that meet these needs: gloves, hats and caps, neckbands, belts, socks, textile care products, saddle pads and ear muffs for horses.

    What are the best equipment and accessories for riders and horses?

    When it comes to riding, there are many elements to consider in order to find the products that offer the best comfort and safety. Horse Pilot offers accessories for riders and horses adapted to all equestrian disciplines.

    What is the quality of Horse Pilot products?

    Horse Pilot offers a wide range of accessories for all levels of experience of the rider. The products are developed with high quality materials and impeccable finishes. The brand also offers a wide range of clothing and equipment for competition and dressage: jackets, windbreakers, pants and polo shirts are available in different colors to meet the needs of each rider.

    Horse Pilot also offers quality products for both riders and horses. You will find durable products specially designed to offer great safety on the field. Horse Pilot also offers many products for dressage and competition (jackets, pants, polo shirts), as well as high quality riding boots designed for horseback riding.

    What are the ranges of accessories offered by Horse Pilot?

    Horse Pilot offers a complete line of essential equestrian accessories for riders and horses. You will find products specifically designed for dressage, competition, and training sessions. The range of clothing includes show jackets, shirts, jackets, windbreakers, pants and polo shirts and t-shirts adapted to each practitioner and each discipline.

    Horse Pilot offers a full range of essential equestrian accessories - from boots to clothing. The brand offers a wide selection of colors, materials and designs to meet the specific needs of each discipline.

    How do you find the right gear for a rider or horse?

    Choosing the right accessories is a difficult task because there are many criteria to consider. One important aspect is the riding discipline you practice: dressage and racing require specific skills. The products must also be adapted to your experience level and size. Quality is another factor; the more durable they are, the longer they last.

    What criteria should I consider when choosing clothing, saddle pads, ear muffs, caps, etc.?

    When choosing products for safe and enjoyable riding, the criteria to consider are color, size, style and quality. It is important to choose quality accessories that are designed to provide the best comfort and safety. If you are not familiar with certain products or materials, it is advisable to ask a professional for information.

    Where to buy items adapted to each equestrian discipline (dressage / show jumping) ?

    Horse Pilot offers a complete range of equestrian accessories that can meet the needs of riders whatever their level and discipline. The Horse Pilot brand guarantees an optimal quality and allow you to easily find the right accessories for your horse and for yourself.

    The advantages offered by Horse Pilot: comfort, resistance, safety and style for the riders

    The quality production of Horse Pilot products makes it one of the best equestrian equipment brands on the market. The selection of materials used in the manufacturing are very robust and durable. The products have an impeccable finish with a variety of colors that adapt to almost any type of equestrian discipline.

    Why should I choose this brand rather than another?

    Horse Pilot products are known for their quality and comfort. They offer an optimal protection as well as an additional safety during the practice of horse riding. Moreover, these brands offer durable products for all levels of experience.

    The different types of colors available on the market: how to make a choice?

    Horse Pilot offers products in a full range of different colors, such as white, black, navy blue, grey and brown. It is important to choose the right color for your outfit, as it can have a significant impact on your style. Black is very popular for dressage because it has a more formal and classic look. Navy blue is a popular color for both dressage and cross country, while gray and brown are more suited to specific equipment such as buttons, saddle pads and ear caps.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of each color?

    Each color has advantages and disadvantages: black is more formal but less visible than other colors; navy blue offers good visibility and is suitable for multiple disciplines; gray gives a more functional look but is not practical for competitions; brown is a popular, non-dirty color, perfect for intensive training.

    Why is Horse Pilot the best choice for quality equestrian accessories?

    Horse Pilot is one of the best brands to find reliable and durable equestrian products. This premium brand offers a full range of products designed with high quality materials that provide optimal comfort and extra safety when riding. With affordable products for every discipline and experience level, you are sure to find what you need at Horse Pilot.

    How to take care of your riding equipment?

    Waterproof or water-repellent rainwear requires careful maintenance to maintain its properties over time. You will find in our selection of textile care products a range of products dedicated to all textiles adapted to your different uses as a rider, for your training sessions, horse shows and when riding.

    See our care guides for riding clothes to preserve your favourite clothes for a long time.

    Using the right accessories when engaging in equestrian activities is key to keeping both riders and horses safe. This list of items includes helmets, saddles pad, saddle pads, horse ear caps, gloves, socks, groom's backpack, gloves reins, trail gear, tack and leather kits, bridles, stirrups, grooming supplies and a first aid kit. The right combination of these items will ensure a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

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