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  • Rental of riding airbag vest

    Do you feel the need to be better protected for a competition? Do you want to test an airbag riding vest without buying new rider equipment? Nothing's easier ! Just test your rental riding airbag protection.

    Hire a riding airbag vest: what for?

    Your child is new to riding and you are afraid for his safety. You are embarking on an eventing cross country. You start the dressage competition. Or you do an occasional horse riding session. So many cases where you may feel the need for additional protection in the full-face riding helmet.

    When the rider falls, a key ball comes out of its casing and triggers the percussion of a CO2 cartridge. Once it is perforated, the gas it contains disperses in the bumpers (or cushions) of the vest, made of synthetic material.

    Air-filled bumpers are distributed for back protection and other vital areas. This set reduces shock and reduces the risk of injury or trauma to the rider. With full protection, especially dorsal and thoracic, you can go show jumping or break in safely.

    Note: in eventing, wearing a protective vest that meets current standards is mandatory. The airbag vest does not replace it. It comes as a security supplement.

    What are the elements to check when renting an airbag riding vest

    A riding airbag vest must meet the standards in force, even when renting, it is important to check that it meets the requirements for your safety. This riding equipment is not to be confused with a motorcycle airbag. It is only intended for the practice of horse riding, for all levels.

    Level of protection of the rental airbag vest

    An airbag protective vest protects the neck, rib cage, abdomen and spine with foam and air-filled bumpers. Depending on the rental model, the back protection may differ. Before renting, check that the protection corresponds to the riding practice envisaged and to your level. With this level of protection it is often difficult to find a cheap horse riding airbag vest.

    Inflating the rental riding airbag vest

    The trigger speed depends on the volume to be inflated. The smaller the volume, the faster the inflation speed. The inflation speed corresponds to the added times of activation and inflation.

    Rental riding airbag vest size

    We must take into account the length of the body of the wearer, the circumference of the chest, waist and hip, as well as the length of the back. The models are generally unisex and adjustable to adapt to the different existing sizes. The riding airbag protection for hire must be adapted to the size and morphology of the rider for good safety in the event of a fall. Sizes range from XS to XXL and are distinguished by their shoulder width.

    The rental of a child model is suitable for people from 1.30 meters to 1.50 meters. They are worn until about 12 years old. Beyond that, you must choose a size S. Be careful when buying an horse riding airbag competition jacket to try the jacket with the airbag to choose your size.

    Size M is suitable for people between 1.65 meters and 1.85 meters tall. As for the largest templates, the choice is between sizes L and XL, possibly XXL.

    Horse riding airbag vest rental
    Horse riding airbag vest rental

    How to choose your rental riding airbag vest?

    The basic principle of a rental riding airbag vest is the same, whatever its brand or model. They vary mainly in the shape and coverage of the protection zones. Your choice depends on your practice and your level. The necessary protection is different between a rider in a dressage competition and a rider in an obstacle competition.

    If the rental vest allows you these movements without getting in the way, it means that its size from the neck to the coccyx is good.

    Light and comfortable equipment is easier to forget for safe riding. Also check that the product complies with safety standards and that the hardware revision is respected.

    How does a rental riding airbag vest work?

    The riding airbag, known as a wired airbag, simply works. It is based on a physical bond between the horse and the rider. This link is a strap also called a leash. The leash attaches to the stirrup leather knives, located on each side of the saddle. Then it is connected to the vest using a clip in connection with the inflation system.

    In normal situations, the strap connects and disconnects with a simple movement, without triggering the airbag. During a fall, disconnecting the leash from the vest triggers the airbag system. Once activated, a cartridge releases the CO2 it contains to fill the vest cushions with air to cushion the impact of the rider's or rider's fall.

    For your safety: do not forget to disconnect the vest before dismounting. Because the height of a horse being high, the airbag system is likely to be triggered. This also applies to a child descending from a pony.

    Avoid leaving the rental airbag vest exposed to direct sunlight, as a gas cartridge can be stored between -20°C and 50°C.

    How to clean your rental riding airbag jacket?

    You took advantage of your rental riding vest in wet weather, or you fell. As a result, it is dirty. You want to clean it before returning your rental. Please note that the riding airbag vest cannot be machine washed or dry cleaned. Although the riding airbag vest withstands bad weather very well, immersion of the airbag chamber can damage the material.

    For cleaning, a soft brush or sponge, a little lukewarm water and a mild cleanser (biological or ecological detergent, Marseille soap, etc.) are sufficient. The vest is then rinsed with clear water, then dried in the open air.

    When the dust is not encrusted, a damp sponge, a baby wipe or a microfiber towel is enough to dust the rental vest. For more details, you can consult our airbag vest care guide.

    How to dress with a rental riding airbag vest?

    The rental airbag vest is often worn alone, over the usual clothing. There are also so-called airbag-compatible garments to be worn over the protective vest. The manufacture of these garments is studied to allow the airbag to inflate without getting in the way or being damaged. Horse Pilot offers a full range of compatible and comfortable riding jackets, blousons and overvests.

    How do I attach my rental riding airbag vest?

    Depending on the rental models, you have either a single leash, which connects the saddle to the vest, or a system consisting of a saddle strap and a connection strap. The saddle strap or leash first attaches to the saddle. For this, the loops of the leash are passed to the stirrup leather knives. The stirrup leathers are repositioned after the straps.

    Horse riding airbag vest rental