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Horse Pilot
  • Horse Pilot riding down jackets

    In cool weather or the dead of winter, ride in the cozy warmth of your Horse Pilot down jacket. Specially created for equestrian sports, you'll never leave your lightweight, beautiful, and practical down jacket.

    Our women's, men's and children's riding down jackets

    At the stable or in your saddle, stay warm in your high neck down jacket. Young and old riders enjoy their horse and pony longer, once well equipped against the cold.

    A premium riding down jacket brand

    Gone are the days of down jackets that made you look like the Michelin Man. Keep your style and all your mobility with quality riding down jackets. Our quilted jackets and coats are designed specifically to keep you in your sport, for a long time.

    The Horse Pilot collection of riding down jackets

    Horse Pilot pampers you with a diverse range of quilted jackets to suit all your tastes and desires. A hybrid down jacket full of charm. A hooded down jacket for women, men or children. A vest equestrian sleeveless padded jacket and others. There's no shortage of choice.

    Colors for your Horse Pilot riding down jacket

    No more black down jackets. Unless you absolutely insist on it, go for solid color. Dare the pop of pink for women and girls. Masculinity is in the spotlight, with a deep blue for men and boys. All of them, put a touch of light on your outfit with an Iceberg blue down jacket. Go for the sobriety of beige, gray or brown. Find your favorite shade of red or even green....

    Why buy a riding down jacket for horseback riding

    A down jacket equestrian coats, worn alone, preserves your body heat in a cozy way. Perfectly suited for riding, it keeps the wind and cold from rushing down your back and neck. Yet it lets your body breathe, so you don't catch a sweat. It's practical for accompanying you in the preparation of your mount, your rides and your training sessions.

    Same works for the quilted down jacket, with or without sleeves, worn alone in mid-season or when winter is mild. Its snaps unite it with our compatible waterproof equestrian blouson jacket to become a perfect liner.

    The different types of riding down jackets

    Depending on the weather conditions, your riding habits, and your chilliness, you won't cover up in the same way. Fortunately, there are several models of lightweight riding down jackets. But regardless of the filling, the fit of your quilted down jacket is tailored for a casual look. Beware, you may be equipping your dressing room with several of them.

    Sleeveless down jackets

    Worn over a sweater or under a winter coat, your sleeveless padded jacket covers the essential areas of the torso, neck included. Our versatile hybrid down jackets for men, women and children are dual-material. A thoughtful mix of padded areas and breathable fleece or mesh ensures adequate insulation for every part of your body.

    Doudounes with sleeves

    Here you have two versions. The women's equestrian padded jacket quilted or men's coat, simple, practical and effective. It accompanies you to the stable or horse, in a single layer. You carry out your training session without disturbance. The light quilted jacket can be worn alone or as an undercoat and can be zipped or pulled on like a sweater. Enjoy a breathable zippered hooded jacket with long sleeves extended with grommets.

    Heated Down Jackets

    Choose the warmth of your ultra-light down jacket yourself with this battery-powered down jacket. You're going on a hike. You're loping your horse or pony in an outdoor arena. You're giving a lesson. You're just plain chilly... Zip up your heated down jacket, set the temperature and travel for absolute thermal comfort.

    Equestrian padded jacket for riders
    Equestrian padded jacket for riders

    Good quality technical riding down jackets for riding

    The purpose of a down jacket is to keep you warm, even in the coldest weather when you go to the riding center. While caring for your mount, riding overtime or chatting with other riders, your men's equestrian sleeveless padded jacketHorse Pilot jacket keeps you healthy. Yet, you might forget you're wearing it.

    Comfortable riding down jackets

    Fine and lightweight, our women's, men's and kids' down jackets are designed to ensure your freedom of movement. Raise your arms to put on your horse's snaffle or bend over to pick his hooves. Your quilted jacket has your back. The cold and wind don't get in the back. You're totally mobile and your technical horse riding clothes stays in place.

    Performance riding down jackets

    Each yoke is efficiently orchestrated for a warm, lightweight, perfectly insulating technical riding down jacket. Duck down, polyester, fleece... keep your body heat from escaping. As a real barrier against the cold, the well-studied breathability of your down jacket prevents you from sweating. Opening your zipper is enough to go get your hot drink at the clubhouse..

    Designed riding down jackets for riding

    How to choose your riding down jacket

    A women's down jacket or a men's down jacket is worn fitted. Our down jackets fit everyone's body type, whether your figure is slim, voluptuous or generous.

    A riding down jacket adapted to the season

    Your Horse Pilot quilted jacket is your ally for the fall/winter season, but also during the little touches of spring coolness. As soon as the cold weather hits, you have an effective protective barrier. Alone or as an underlay, with a hood or not, with or without sleeves, it's mostly a matter of preference to face the weather.

    Riding down jacket size guide

    But make sure you don't get it too small to be comfortable moving around. Nor too big, as it will lose its thermal performance to counter the wind and cold. Choose the size of your Horse Pilot down jacket as you choose the size of your usual jackets. If needed, use the men's and women's size guide at your disposal.

    How to care for a riding down jacket

    Does your down jacket have down and you don't have a down or delicate program on your washing machine? No worries. Your technical riding down jacket washes just fine on a synthetic program at 30°C. Just avoid aggressive detergents. A soft and natural detergent without softener is enough.

    Try the trick of adding 2 or 3 tennis balls to the drum. They help to aerate the feathers, without exceeding 600 rpm.. Your comforter prefers to air dry, on a hanger or flat. Small taps on the quilted areas from time to time help distribute the material.

    Equestrian padded jacket