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  • Pilot Series

    A day with team Bosty

    Pilot series Team Bosty

    Pilot Series #1

    Immerse yourself for a day in the daily life of the Bosty team, who will be happy to welcome you and your horse to the Bost Stables on September 18, 2023.

    A day with team Bosty

    A day in the life of the Olympic Champion Roger-Yves Bost and the entire Bosty team.

    A unique experience offered by the Bosty team and its partners.

    Three participants and their horses selected.

    Show jumping - Flat work - Sharing experience - Meeting with partners

    September 18, 2023 - Bost Stables, 77630 Barbizon, France


    Roger Yves-Bost

    In partnership with...

    Team Bosty's partners will be present for this first edition of Pilot Series. An opportunity for you to benefit from the advice of other professionals.

    List of partners present: Kask, CWD, Certivet, Theault, Lami-Cell, Royal Horse and Herbalux.

    Partenaires Pilot Series - Team Bosty