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Horse Pilot
  • Tim & Jonelle Price

    Passion and dedication to performance

    Country: United Kingdom

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    Tim et Jonelle Price

    Training place

    Chedington Estate, Beaminster, Dorset.

    Best results

    Best results Jonelle

    • Winning Badminton, Luhmuhlen and Pau 5 star events on three different horses, all mares.

    • Team Bronze medal in London in 2012

    • World Champion in Pratoni del Vivaro in 2022

    Best results Tim

    • Victory at Burghley with Ringwood Sky Boy in 2018. It was a huge triumph and something the horse really deserved.

    • Winning in the CCI 5* L in Elkton in 2022

    Passion and dedication to performance


    Tim and Jonelle Price live horseback riding as a sport every day. Beyond their performances, it is their personal investment that makes a difference. A passion and a devotion for their horses, sporting and human values which are dear to Horse Pilot.

    They have also marked the history of the eventing since it is the first time that a couple occupies the 1st and the 2nd place in the world ranking. A beautiful reward.

    Horse Pilot is proud to accompany them in their daily life of high level athlete.


    Jonelle : I choose Horse Pilot for the innovative fabric technology combined with style and practicality tick all the boxes for me.

    Tim : Horse Pilot is one of those brands that oozes class and quality. In the modern era of equestrian sport, the balance between functionality and fashion with garments we choose to wear is vital.  Horse Pilot achieves this perfectly.


    Jonelle : Fahrenheit coat. “I hate the cold and this has been my saviour this winter!”.

    Tim : E-Kelvin sleeveless down jacket with I-WARM heating tech. “It’s so versatile and really does keep you warm all day. And it’s so practical as a mid or top layer”.


    Jonelle : "Always envisage things with a positive outcome"

    Tim : “A little bit of Jack Johnson music in the truck before I compete. Smooths me out and gets me in the groove!”.


    Jonelle : “The key to success is failure."

    Tim : Try to ride as close to perfection as possible, especially during a mistake.

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