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Horse Pilot
  • Magnetic Button


    Black12 colors

    Customizable buttons for your competition jacket.


    Horse Pilot products come with a 2-year warranty

    Delivery within 1-2 business days with no return charges for a period of 30 days.

    Customizable buttons

    To make our buttons customizable, we've developed a range of removable caps. Available in several colors, the cap screws onto the male part of the magnetic Fidlock button, so you can change the color as often as you like. Cap compatible only with our magnetic Fidlock buttons on our Aerotech and Aeromesh jackets.

    * Remember to screw the buttons on tightly from the outset to avoid losing them. *

    Aluminum cap
    Lightweight and rust-resistant

    Engraved H logo

    18.7 mm

    - 100% Aluminium

    - Not machine washable.
    - Hand wash in warm soapy water with a soft sponge and your household dishwashing liquid.
    - Rinse well and allow to air dry.

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