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Juan Matute Guimón



5 stars

training place

Madrid, Spain

Best results

  • 3rd place of the CDIW Mechelen Grand Prix Freestyle with Quantico - 80.5%
  • 2nd place of the CDIW Wellington Grand Prix Freestyle with Don Diego - 77.9%
  • CDI 5* in the Grand Prix Frankfurt with Quantico - 72.5%

The rising star of Spanish Dressage, talent and ambition as a legacy.

Why this rider?

Juan Matute Guimon is a rising star of international Dressage. Son of the triple Olympic champion Juan Matute Senior, the Spanish rider is promised to a brilliant future in which we have the pleasure to accompany him. Ambitious and invested, Juan has shown us his determination by taking part in the Transhumance, an unprecedented adventure far from his international rider’s habits.


Juan wearing the Rain Free and the Aerotech Cap during the Transhumance.

Why Horse Pilot?

It’s a sporty and stylish brand with pretty cool rider focused designs.

Juan's favourite

The Fahrenheit during winter and the Tempest for pretty much all year seasons.

Any tip?

Stay cool and bring out the warrior inside of you!