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Nicolas Paillot



CSI up to 5*

Training place

USA : Wellington – Europe : Haras du Plessis

Best results

  • Winner of french tour Grand National
  • Many rankings in 5* shows

Supporting a French brand growth in the USA is important to me

Why Horse Pilot ?

Using technical products is essential to optimize sports performances.

Winner of french tour Grand National

Few things to know about me

I like to take a little nap before a Grand Prix.

I am not superstitious but I try not to wear something brand new directly in competition. Hubert Parot told me 30 years ago that it was bad luck and I kept that idea.

Infinie Rivage was the horse of a lifetime for me.

Horse Pilot crush

The Storm jacket. Light, comfortable, warm and breezy at the same time... Ideal to ride or train.

Storm Jacket