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    Horse Pilot designs technical clothing for riders who live h…

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    Horseback riding enthusiasts are constantly seeking harmony with their horse and every detail counts whether it is when walking, trotting, cantering, jumping or on the flat. The position of the rider is an important part of this. This is why the riding clothes must fit the body without hindering the movements during the effort. Thanks to Preform Fit technology, technical clothing feels like a second skin and offers freedom of movement without tension or blockage. Horse Pilot designers work in their studios to design technical and ergonomic cuts. The cuts of the sweatshirt protect the kidneys and ensure a perfect aerodynamics thanks to the preformed sleeves.


    Horse riding requires total freedom of movement and therefore optimal comfort in one's clothing. The priority of Horse Pilot is to offer technical riding clothing. Our sweatshirts bring a perfect heat supply thanks to the fleece knit which composes them. The sleeves of the Tempest and Hybrid Tempest sweatshirts are equipped with a thumbhole at the end of the sleeves to protect the hands from the cold. The Tempest model has a hood and a zip so that air cannot infiltrate the neck. Freedom of movement is ensured thanks to strategically placed zips, especially on the pockets. In addition, Horse Pilot's patented Extra Comfort technology avoids rubbing and makes it easier for the rider to be mobile in the saddle.


    On horseback, it is important to have a sufficient supply of warmth but also to stay dry to avoid unnecessary muscular tension and to concentrate fully on connecting with your mount. Temperature differences between the outside, the riding arena and the stable can cause sweating and cold. The Aerotech technology developed by Horse Pilot ensures optimal body heat regulation to avoid sudden temperature changes. This is called sweatshirts that insulate from the cold and have breathable sweat wicking zones to keep riders focused on exercise and performance.


    Horse riding is practiced in indoors as well as outdoors with weather conditions that are not always favourable. This is why riders need to be equipped against the cold without losing comfort. Since riding involves effort and movement, the riding jacket can sometimes be too much. On cool summer mornings, at the end of the day or to be worn under a sleeveless jacket, the sweatshirt is a wardrobe must-have for riders.


    A riding outfit must first and foremost offer the comfort required for practice, but the question of aesthetics should certainly not be left aside. Therefore, designers do not forget to follow the trends to design clothing that is at the same time technical, modern and elegant to fly over your course in style. In order to propose elegant riding clothes, you have to choose the right fabric, define the type of cut of the garment as well as the colour variations. The Horse Pilot designers take into account each of these criteria so that the riders wearing the brand's clothing are at the cutting edge of fashion.

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