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Horse Pilot
  • Kid's riding boots for junior riders ages 8-14

    Horse Pilot's range of children's riding boots is dedicated to young riders, girls and boys, aged 8 to 14. Boots, boots, booties and gaiters that fit all profiles and disciplines. Designed to meet both the needs and constraints of junior riders, Horse Pilot products are not only adaptable to all morphologies, but also to all seasons.

    Children's riding boots suitable for pony or horse riding

    At Horse Pilot, you'll find a wide range of riding products specifically designed to meet the needs of aspiring riders of all backgrounds. Pairs of equestrian boots suitable for both young girls and young boys to ride.

    High-end riding boots for kids

    The making of a riding boot is crucial to the comfort and safety of junior riders when practicing their passion. That's why at Horse Pilot, all our products are made with excellent quality materials. Boots designed in soft and strong leathers, or particularly well-stretched, breathable and resistant fabrics.

    Kids riding boots in black or brown

    Children's riding boots from Horse Pilot are available in brown and black, colors that are both stylish and practical. A choice that will allow you to match gaiters, ankle boots and riding boots, depending on the equipment, outfits and their materials, leather or fabric.

    Children's riding boots adapted to the seasons and the weather

    Adapted to different weather conditions, Horse Pilot riding boots offer optimal comfort on a daily basis.

    Kids riding boots for winter

    From junior boots, to children's boots and booties, the products in the Horse Pilot range allow for better riding whatever the season. Comfortable and safe, they will keep young riders' feet warm during cold weather. Water-repellent on the leg and waterproof on the foot, the brand's pairs of riding boots can be used in wet and rainy weather.

    Lightweight young rider riding boots with breathable soles for summer

    Horse Pilot boots for young riders, both boys and girls, are especially well suited for riding horses and ponies in hot weather. Designed with 3D Knit, they mold tightly to the leg while remaining highly breathable.

    Technical riding boots for kids

    Horse Pilot kids riding boots or booties meet all the technical needs of young riders.

    Leather riding boots

    Horse Pilot leather riding boots are soft, stylish and easy to care for. With laces or zippers, the brand's pairs of junior leather boots, come in a variety of styles.

    Junior competition riding boots

    Junior competition boots comply with current regulations on the show ring. Thanks to stretchy materials, the foot and leg are perfectly supported, while remaining free to move. Cushioning, the stabilizing arch soles improve balance and redistribute energy to the center of the foot during impacts.

    Children's riding boots reinforced for safety (toe reinforcement, ankle protection...)

    Children's reinforced riding boots are specifically designed to increase the safety and comfort of the youngest riders. Reinforcements on the toe area protect the toes and metatarsals against the risk of crushing. Ankle protectors offer the guarantee of a total support and devoid of false folds.

    Kids riding boots with grips

    Featuring a 2-layer calf grip, junior riding boots with grips are specially designed for more serene horse and pony riding. Because the leg of aspiring riders is more fixed, protection against abrasions and fit in the saddle are only improved.

    Comfortable riding boots for riders (without closure, calf fitting, ...)

    With or without zippers and laces, junior riding boots from Horse Pilot offer the experience of unparalleled comfort day after day. Created in stretchy materials, the kids' booties and boots allow boy and girl riders, to feel comfortable during long hours of practice in the saddle as well as on foot. You will find the same characteristics for women riding boots and men riding boots.

    Children's riding boots that adapt to calf morphology (adjustable shaft and calf)

    Gaiters or children's boots, the products in the junior range from Horse Pilot are focused on comfort when riding. Made from elastic materials, the children's riding shoes are custom-fit to all body types. In addition, equipped with adjustable shafts at the calf level, they optimize the support of the leg while facilitating the flexion.

    Performing riding boots for children (resistance, flexibility, ...)

    Junior riding boots for young riders, boy and girl, are developed in a revolutionary technology. Thanks to the 3D Knit, they are flexible from their first use. Particularly resistant, they do not loosen and retain their tailored look over the long term.

    Kids riding boots
    Kids riding boots

    Design kids riding boots for riding

    Between elegance and practicality, Horse Pilot kids' riding boots accompany young riders in their passion every day.

    Elegant riding boots for kids (seamless, laceless)

    Junior rider riding boots from Horse Pilot are available in many styles. Thought to meet the practical and aesthetic preferences of everyone, the brand's children's riding boots, are either devoid of or equipped with laces, zippers or skracth.

    Children's tight fitting riding boots

    Created to fit all body types, children's riding boots come in many forms. Boots, booties or gaiters, all Horse Pilot products are designed with highly stretchable materials. 3D mesh, stretch fabric and interchangeable uppers give them a tailor-made look that is particularly appreciated by riders.

    Young rider high shaft riding boots

    The junior riding boots in the range have been thought to fit all leg heights according to the rider's shoe size. From the length of the shaft, to the widths of the calf and ankle, the 3D Knit technology adjusts to all morphologies.

    How to choose your kids riding boots

    From gift ideas, to size selection, to delivery terms, Horse Pilot experts enlighten you and help you at every step of your order.

    Riding boots adapted to the level of the young rider (beginner, confirmed, competition) and to the practice (trekking, CSO, jumping, race)

    Beginners or experienced riders, each Horse Pilot boot model is equipped with a safe heel in compliance with the regulations on the subject. Made of fabric or leather, the junior range of riding boots, booties and gaiters allow for optimal use during show jumping, dressage or even eventing sessions and events.

    Size guide / sizes of junior riding boots for children (choice of size only and not height or calf )

    At Horse Pilot, choosing your junior riding boot size depends on just one thing: your foot size. With 3D Knit technology, both boys and girls are guaranteed a pair of riding boots that are perfectly tailored to their specific body type. And if the size turns out to be wrong, Horse Pilot will take your item back up to 30 days after receiving your order.

    How to care for children's riding boots

    The brand's children's riding boots are easily maintained. A simple sponge cleaning with warm water is enough to get rid of any sand, mud or dung on them. And for the most stubborn dirt, you can occasionally put your boots, ankle boots or riding gaiters in the washing machine. As such, any order of pair of Horse Pilot junior boots is systematically accompanied by a notice of use and a bag of transport and cleaning in machine in 100 % recycled material.

    Kids riding boots