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    Horse shows perpetuate many traditions and timeless standard…

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    Horse riding competitions perpetuate many timeless traditions and standards. Show jumping is one of them. On the one hand, it is important to present a groomed and healthy mount. On the other hand, it is obligatory to wear an appropriate and reglementary outfit : white breeches, a white show shirt and a show jacket. Competition outfits are a reflection of the distinguished sport that is horse riding. Over time, the outfits have been modernized and nowadays combine comfort and elegance. Fashion, style and trends have a direct impact on the design of riding apparel.


    In a sport like horse riding, style and elegance are not to be neglected. That's why we have designed riding shirts for women in order to meet all the needs of women riders. Collections require research beforehand in order to propose modern, chic and trendy  short-sleeved show shirts and long-sleeved show shirts. Beyond offering an elegant design, Horse Pilot offers a white shirt with a curved cut that can be worn in several disciplines: show jumping, eventing, dressage... Considering the effort required by this sport, the horse riding show shirt also provides comfort and freedom of movement. A competition shirt must therefore be light and breathable to allow the rider to stay dry, wicking away perspiration very easily for optimum performance. This is why competition shirts have micro-ventilated zones in strategic areas such as the back, arms and sides.


    The clothing tradition has been rooted in the equestrian world for many years. The officer collar with buttoned underpad is required. Riders must comply with this tradition or they will be refused entry to the competition. Wearing a competition jacket is very often mandatory to enter the ring, even if the juries are sometimes lenient when considering the weather conditions. In this case, it may be allowed to ride wearing a shirt. Horse Pilot has therefore set itself the task of designing white shirts that are light, trendy, in compliance with the regulations while offering optimum freedom of movement.


    The constraints are numerous on the competition arenas and the weather doesn't deter enthusiasts. This is why riders must equip themselves accordingly. Riding in rain, heatwave, storm or blizzard should not be an additional obstacle on the course. Horse Pilot guarantees you a clear round against the weather in competition thanks to its technical clothing. The technologies developed ensure the thermoregulation and breathability of the textiles thanks to laser cut vents so as to perform in all weathers.
    The competition requires concentration and increased precision. The last thing a rider should worry about during the effort is his or her outfit. From this observation was born the Extra Comfort technology after years of research by our designers and creators. The aim of this technology is to develop textiles that, once worn, give the sensation of a second skin thanks in particular to laser perforations in stretch material. The outfits equipped with this technology fit optimally to any body shape and provide you with an ideal saddle position.


    Riding a horse implies that every part of the body will move. This is why it is essential that the outfit offers complete freedom of movement to the rider. The actions of the legs, hands and position are played out to the millimetre. Technologies have an impact on performance and progress since the fabrics are light, the Preform Fit technology excludes any tension or blockage to adapt to the rider's position in all circumstances. The Sensitive® Material allows to obtain resistant, antibacterial, Oeko-tex certified fabrics that are fast drying. Horse Pilot is inspired by other sensational sports such as cycling or skiing to create high performance and aerodynamic riding apparel, an essential asset in show jumping and racing.

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