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    Riding is a wonderful sport, but it can also be dangerous, whether in competition or as a hobby. In order to guarantee always more safety to the riders, Horse Pilot provides a range of airbag vests, which allow to protect the vital zones in case of fall. You will thus be able to progress in full safety on courses adapted to your level.

    Our women's, men's and children's riding airbags

    Horse Pilot airbags have been specially designed to combine protection, comfort and discretion. The airbag vest must guarantee perfect freedom of movement through its fit adapted to all riders. For this, opt for adjustable models to wear it on your back and be comfortable on horseback. Both in water-repellent and elastic material, they mix aesthetics and optimal protection.

    A premium brand of riding airbags: horse pilot

    Known for its technical innovations in terms of riding gear, Horse Pilot offers airbags adapted to the latest technologies. Indeed, our airbags combine a great comfort, an optimal ergonomics and a protection of great quality. The airbags are quickly activated and effectively protect vital areas such as the back, shoulders, abdomen or spine. In addition, Horse Pilot breathes new life into the airbag with the new patented "In&motion" technology.

    The horse pilot collection of women's, men's and children's riding airbags

    The equestrian airbag vest for women has been completely redesigned and optimised to offer riders a wide choice. Available in blue or black, our airbag vests guarantee comfort, safety and discretion for men, women and children, whatever their level or discipline. It is the essential to have in your safety equipment, the equestrian airbag compatible riding jacket can be worn with style.

    Horse Pilot airbags compatible with riding clothes

    Horse Pilot airbags for men have been adapted to offer riders a close-fitting, body-hugging piece of equipment. Its elegant and discreet design is a perfect match for the Horse Pilot brand clothing. You can also put a bomber or sleeveless waistcoat over it with our compatible ranges.

    A good quality technical riding airbag for riding

    Horse Pilot offers riders technical and high quality airbags. Indeed, they guarantee a great comfort of use as well as an optimal efficiency and resistance. As we know, jumping is a dangerous sport, putting an airbag vest would allow to protect and cushion your falls.

    Performing horse riding airbags

    Horse Pilot airbags are both aesthetically pleasing and high performance. With a long life span, they are resistant to wear and tear as well as to bad weather. Their efficiency is no longer to be proven. Finally, they allow the rider to be protected comfortably: thin and light enough, they allow great freedom of movement.

    Riding airbags and the rider's range of motion

    When riding, it's important to be able to move without being restricted by your gear. Our airbags are free of unnecessary creases or extra thickness, and their breathable, stretchy material allows riders to preserve their freedom of movement.

    Horse Pilot riding airbag sold ready to use

    Our airbags come ready to use. In fact, they come with a gas cartridge refill and a magnetic leash, the strap that attaches to stirrup knives and allows the airbag to be triggered in the event of a fall. If in doubt buy a real spare gas cartridge in case of a fall.

    Why buy a riding airbag for riding?

    Purchasing a riding airbag has many benefits. Between protection, safety, and confidence, the benefits are multiple. In particular, you can take advantage of it to introduce your children to equestrian sports by wearing an airbag vest and be able to ride ponies at the riding centre.

    Equestrian centre regulations

    The FFE (French Equestrian Federation) has introduced rules common to all equestrian centres, particularly concerning protection. The helmet is compulsory for all disciplines, while the back waistcoat is compulsory for certain practices.

    Rider safety and existing equipment

    There are many pieces of equipment to provide safety for riders. First of all, the helmet (or bomb) is essential for riding. There are also back protectors or back waistcoats, which are compulsory for certain disciplines in competition. In particular for eventing where, in addition to putting on your riding outfit, wearing a waistcoat is mandatory and putting on an airbag in addition seems the safest solution.

    Equestrian airbags provide better protection for the rider

    The airbag is not mandatory for leisure or competition riding, but it does provide significant protection to the upper body in the event of a fall or accident. This can sometimes save the rider from serious injury and/or after-effects.

    Sports airbags, an existing technology

    The airbag vest is used in sports other than riding. For example, motorcyclists use them to protect themselves in case of a fall. Like the riding airbag, it provides safety for sensitive areas such as the spine, neck and abdomen. The airbag vest is also used in skiing. This is triggered in the event of a critical fall, as soon as an abnormal position of the skier is detected.

    The riding airbag is popular with many riders

    Many riders have already been won over by riding airbags. Among them are even great riders. Indeed, Guillaume Canet, Philippe Rozier, Athina Miliotis or François Mathy JR have tested and approved our airbags. Although expensive, it is essential for your safety, you can favour the sales to find the one that will suit you best.

    Recognised effectiveness of riding airbags

    Many riders, especially competition riders, have already adopted the airbag. Whether in competition or when riding young horses, this protection is often considered indispensable.

    Airbag and help/psychological benefit

    For most riders wearing an airbag, the main benefit is that it reassures them. Knowing that they are protected in the event of a fall allows them to ride more serenely, reducing the fear of risk in the event of a serious fall.

    How a riding airbag is worn?

    It is important to keep in mind that an airbag vest is worn over riding clothes, not underneath. This will allow it to activate and optimally protect the rider in the event of a fall and impact.

    Riding airbag how it works?

    Riding falls are often violent and fast. The airbag therefore works quickly and deploys less than a second after the fall, as soon as the distance between a rider and his saddle is too high to be normal.

    Riding airbag operation

    An airbag works simply: when riding, connect the waistcoat strap to the stirrup knives. In case of a fall, the trigger (a key ball) comes out of its case. The cartridge is then punctured by the firing pin, releasing the contained gas and filling the air cushions.

    Riding airbag deployment speed

    The airbag deploys at high speed. Indeed, a fall only lasts a few seconds: the rider must therefore be protected as soon as he touches the ground.

    Extent of protection of the riding airbag

    An airbag protects the rider's entire torso, focusing especially on sensitive areas. The air cushions are placed in the area of the neck, pelvis and spine. This greatly reduces the risk of injury.

    CO2 refill and cartridge for deployment

    An airbag works thanks to a CO2 cartridge. After each activation, this must be changed or recharged in order for the waistcoat to work again.

    Lifetime of a riding airbag

    An airbag vest works with cartridges, which allow the airbags to inflate instantly. A cartridge can only be used once, and must be replaced after each activation. In contrast, an airbag vest can be recharged and used again after a fall.

    Can a riding airbag be combined with a protective back protector?

    The back protector is a rigid shell that is placed on the rider's back and is attached with straps that pass over the stomach. Its purpose is to protect only the back, unlike the airbag which protects the rider's entire torso. Therefore, combining the two is not useful: the airbag vest will protect the back in case of a fall, so a back protector would be superfluous and might even hinder the rider.

    How to maintain your riding airbag (cleaning)?

    Maintaining an airbag vest is a quick and easy task. It ensures that it lasts longer. Simply immerse it in a volume of water and use a soft hump or a damp sponge to clean it. Note that it is best to avoid putting the airbag vest in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

    How to choose your riding airbag?

    Although every airbag vest works the same way, it is possible to find many models. To choose the best airbag vest, various parameters should be taken into consideration: the use of the airbag vest (competition, training), the disciplines practiced, the rider's tastes (slim-fitting, light, wider, etc.), the weather conditions and the value for money of the airbag vest.

    Riding airbag size guide

    It is essential to choose an airbag vest that is suitable for your size and body type. Indeed, if it is not adapted to the rider's body, a waistcoat can become awkward to move around in, or even ineffective in the event of a fall. In order for everyone to choose a suitable airbag, we have drawn up a size guide to help choose the ideal size.

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