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    Women's riding clothes by Horse Pilot

    In recent years, a trend can be observed: Horseback riding, whether professional or recreational, is becoming increasingly popular among women! No wonder: horseback riding, although historically a male domain, is becoming more and more attractive for women as well, as it is a great way to combine sports and outdoor excursions. With practical riding clothes that offer durability and comfort, women riders of all ages are perfectly equipped for their next adventure on horseback.

    Why choose women's riding apparel for horseback riding

    Are you new to riding and wondering why you should buy riding apparel when your closet is already full to bursting? The answer is simple. Any experienced rider (or even a beginner) will tell you that there’s nothing like the right equipment. This is as much for your comfort as for your safety. The materials and cuts are specially designed to meet your equestrian needs.

    Which Women’s riding clothing do You need for horseback riding? So, how do you dress to go riding? You have already invested in a riding helmet and riding boots. Now, you’re following advice to add a safety vest for full protection, so you’ve also ordered your Horse Pilot protection airbag. Now, you need clothing.

    The essential women's riding pants

    Jeans are fine for your first sessions or an unexpected horseback ride on holiday. However, riding pants are essential. They provide both comfort and protection. Your riding trousers are stretchy, available in a Classic or Jodhpur cut. They are high or low-waisted and have minimal seams, which are designed to prevent injury from friction with the saddle. You are free to move without the risk of splitting a seam, even if you do the splits! To aid your posture when training, your riding trousers can be fitted with anti-slip grips and gel padding at the seat.

    What about other women's riding clothes?

    Once you have your trousers, we recommend getting riding gloves, but they are not mandatory. They provide comfort for your hands and prevent the reins from slipping. You can wear clothing from your regular wardrobe when you start out riding. This means that you can buy technical clothing as your needs become more specific with practice.

    Women's riding clothes for all occasions

    Through your passion for horses, you are trying new activities. Saddling, jumping, dressage, riding in the forest or on the beach... And, of course, competitions.

    Classical show attire is required for dressage competitions: a black show jacket, white show shirt or women's riding polo and white riding pants. However, for other equestrian activities, such as show jumping or eventing, you may wear other colours, just nothing too flashy!

    Show clothes for women

    Riding trousers are not always enough to prevent injury. Riding briefs and socks are designed to fit well with disappearing seams, as are riding sports bras, which provide support without restriction, even when you trot our gallop.

    Reflective clothing for women

    For your safety, make sure you are seen when riding or hunting. Reflective riding clothing allows you to be seen while maintaining technical comfort.

    Women's riding apparel adapts to every season

    Riding is primarily an outdoor activity. Riding clothes aid your technical performance, be it at the Pony Games for children, the beginner's first dressage or the experienced rider's obstacle training, at the equestrian centre or on a ride. They adapt to the weather conditions and your performance needs.

    Riding clothes for summer and mid-season

    In summer, take advantage of breathable, ventilated clothing. Made of synthetic fibres and cotton, a horseback riding polo with or without breathable sleeves, or a short-sleeved riding shirt, becomes your favorite friend. Compact, flexible, short or long waterproof jackets keep you dry if you train when it’s raining. When the weather is cooler, a fleece hoodie, a sleeveless down jacket is available. Waterproof, wind-breaking parkas are perfect for the rain and wind.

    Riding clothes for winter

    When winter sets in, it's tempting to stay by the fire. But when you’re properly equipped, you’ll want to get right back out riding on your horse or pony.


    Cover your feet, legs and hands

    Keep your toes warm in riding socks. Protect your feet in winter riding boots. Choose ankle boots, lined riding boots, or fleece booties, which can be inserted into your regular pair of boots. Wear thermal trousers over your riding or fleece-lined trousers. Thick or lined riding gloves keep your fingers from getting stiff from the cold, while keeping you in contact with the reins.



    After putting on your turtleneck or knitted riding jumper, all you need is something from our wide range of riding jackets. Our jackets are made of polyester, fleece, down or softshell and are adapted to a riding posture. The high collar and bottom, which tightens with an elastic or cord, follow your movements, without letting the wind in. Long jackets adjust to the seated posture with gussets. Get good thermal protection with a warm waterproof women's riding coat with a hybrid down lining.

    Horse Pilot and women's riding apparel

    Enjoy your equestrian activities worry-free. Move and breathe riding from head to toe with technical, comfortable and high-performance equipment. Our brand stands out for our expertise in the field. We are always in search of innovation at the service of your needs, not only for women’s apparel, but also for children's riding apparel and men’s riding apparel.

    A wide range of riding clothes for women riders

    Keep it casual with a tracksuit and sweatshirt, or dress up for competition with your fitted, zipped competition jacket. Dress warmly in one of our fitted coats with useful pockets and keep your hands warm without losing your keys. Choose the colour of your women's trousers: beige, blue, red, etc. You can make your outfit pop with riding clothes and accessories tailored for you.

    Live your passion to the fullest with Horse Pilot

    We are committed to designing durable, quality products. With our expertise in equestrianism, we know that you wear through your technical clothing and equipment in this sport. And yet, your Horse Pilot purchases are guaranteed for 2 years. Did you get the wrong size for your riding clothing or Teknit Boots? Our exchange service will be happy to exchange or refund them.

    Preserving our planet

    Reducing our impact on the planet is mandatory. Our efforts span from design to end of life of our products and our packaging and parcels are reusable. As nothing is indestructible, our repair team will repair your airbag vest, rain jacket and other accessories if they are damaged in a fall. However, while we do everything we can to meet your needs, we cannot place orders for yo

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