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  • What are cheap women's riding down jackets worth?

    Do you really have to rely on price when choosing your women's equestrian padded jacket? Is the amount you pay directly related to its qualities? Will a cheap down jacket keep you warm and for how long? Buying a down jacket for riding raises many questions. Especially when you want to stick to a tight budget. Here are a few pointers to help make it clearer.

    Quality of cheap riding down jackets

    It's entirely possible to wear a down jacket on horseback to keep warm, without breaking the bank. These models ensure their role. Nevertheless, they are more suitable for the beginnings of a beginner rider. But much less to the confirmed rider in search of the ideal women's equestrian padded jacket thin and breathable.

    Price and level of technicality of the riding down jacket

    In fact, as low as 35 euros, your dressing room can receive a lightweight padded riding down jacket. However, a quality women's down jacket has a cost. The lack of technicality is quickly felt in the practice of riding.

    First, the feeling of comfort is quickly limited, especially by a simple and standardized cut. The women's coat hinders the rider's freedom of movement. Second, the savings can include overly thin fabrics, inferior closure systems and poorly finished seams. This alters the strength of the quilted down jacket. Then, a high-performance down jacket is lightweight, warm and insulating. If it exceeds 1 kg and folds with difficulty, it is a bad sign. To achieve this level of technicality, you need both quality materials and a good dose of insulating padding, well positioned.

    Price range of down jackets from well-known brands

    The disadvantages of the cheapest down jackets do not apply to all cheap quilted jackets. But that doesn't mean breaking the bank either. Investing in your riding down jacket reduces the inconvenience and increases the chances of keeping your timeless riding down jacket for a long time. You get access to models of jackets and coats with a slim, tailored fit. The quilted, zippered stand-up collar keeps you warm without getting in the way. Your hooded jacket gains side zip pockets and an inside pocket. And while your winter coat isn't waterproof, it can be water-repellent.

    Depending on the model chosen, the average price range is from 50 euros to more than 400 euros on the most famous brands. This price range confuses all models of down jackets: the reversible quilted jacket, the sleeveless down jacket, the long hooded down jacket, the fall-winter down jacket... For an insulating down jacket with hood and long sleeves of quality, count an average price of 250 euros.

    Price-quality ratio

    There are several essential elements that go into selecting the best riding down jacket: padding, fabric, features (partitioning, for example) and accessories (pockets, removable hood, zipper closure...). Each of these influences the quality of the quilted jacket and determines its final value. Customer reviews are interesting, especially regarding the quality of padding, a possible fake fur and breathability. Because a down jacket that makes you sweat is a great way to get sick.

    Wear resistance of cheap down jackets

    Know that thin fabric makes the down jacket lighter. But too thin, it weakens the whole thing. Lint that appears over time will detract from the aesthetic. The slightest friction can cause a tear that will let the insulation escape. Feathers can show through on down down jackets.

    It is common for seams to be poorly finished and uneven on a cheap down jacket. The threads are less likely to pull out when the finish is neat. This prevents the insulating filling from wandering and the fit design from deteriorating.

    Beware also of the fragility of the zipper that closes the short down jacket. A winter jacket that can no longer close becomes useless.

    Distortion and color loss of cheap down jackets in the wash

    A more fragile fabric and seams are also more difficult to maintain. Poor fabric tends to stretch and lose its elasticity. And poorly finished, unstitched, uneven seams can get damaged. With the practice of sport riding, you are not safe from making a snag on your down jacket. However, opting for quality makes it easier to repair the quilted jacket, so you can continue to wear it with a flawless finish.

    Cheap horse riding coat for riders
    Cheap horse riding coat for riders

    How to buy a cheap branded riding down jacket

    Betting on quality is an investment over time. But it's not always obvious when your budget is tight. Good news! There are different ways to get a branded down jacket to ride for less.


    In an effort to get as many people as possible to enjoy their products, some brands don't hesitate to offer year-round coupons or loyalty discounts. Automatically or with the help of a promotional code, you get benefits that are often attractive. This can be free delivery, a fixed value or percentage discount. These offers are sometimes linked to the amount of the order.

    Sale periods to buy a cheap riding jacket

    Well known to all, two sale periods take place every year, each lasting 5 weeks. During the summer sale period or winter sale period, down jackets from past collections are marketed at reduced prices.

    Past year down jackets clearance

    In order to preserve their image, some brands avoid offering sales. In this case, the solution to clear their unsold stock from last year is to carry out a destocking. You will find these items offered in specialized stores, like La Vallée Village in Serris. Or you can go directly to factory stores, like in Troyes or La Séguinière between Nantes and Cholet. Some destocking takes place directly online, on the brand's website or a specialized site.

    Private sale of end of series of riding down jackets

    Another method of destocking with discounts, but without the title of "sales": private sales. The principle is the same as sales, but access is under conditions. Like being a customer, registering to the newsletter or on the website. They can be offered at any time of the year. A private sale gives the opportunity to access pieces that are often impossible to find during the sales, with the same type of advantageous offers.

    However, note that a quality sports down jacket is a technical garment that cannot be found at a discounted price. If you find one for less than 100 euros, question the essential points, including the composition of the padding, before buying. Stock your wardrobe with quality clothing for peace of mind. Visit our site regularly to take advantage of our not-to-be-missed opportunities.

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