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    Clothing care products: deodorant spray, ecological cleaner,…

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    Care products to preserve your textiles

    Textile care products: deodorant spray, eco-responsible cleaner, waterproofing product, water-repellent product and machine wash bag that prevents textile microfibers from being released into rivers and oceans.

    Waterproof or water-repellent rainwear requires careful maintenance to preserve all its properties over time.

    To give your clothes a fresh look, we suggest a natural deodorizer: it leaves a sweet smell on all your clothes thanks to the presence of essential oil of eucalyptus.

    As a rider, it is essential to be well equipped to face the different weather conditions. In our selection of textile care products, we offer you a selected range of care products dedicated to all textiles adapted to your riding practice (training, horseback riding, horse shows, ...).

    To do this, you must not neglect the maintenance of your clothes. Consult our care guides for riding clothes. That's why you can find on the website a range of maintenance products allowing to waterproof, to clean and to protect your various textiles.

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