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    Equestrian safety bundles: Combining equestrian Airbag with elegant & protective clothing

    Horse Pilot safety packs offer a complete solution to ensure optimum protection for men and women with a passion for riding. Combining the innovative Horse Pilot riding airbag with specially designed clothing such as bomber jackets and show jackets. These commercial offers provide unrivalled peace of mind during every riding session.

    Advanced protection for demanding riders

    Riders are well aware of the risks inherent in riding. That's why they look for reliable, high-performance safety solutions. These safety packs are the perfect answer, offering a unique combination of a riding airbag that complies with the latest standards in terms of rider safety, and stylish, appropriate protective clothing.

    The Riding Airbag: protective technology for riders

    The central element of these safety packs is the riding airbag, a perfectly mastered safety technology designed specifically for riders. When activated, the airbag deploys rapidly, providing essential protection for the neck, cervical vertebrae, back and vital organs in the event of a fall or violent impact. This significantly reduces the risk of serious injury on horseback.

    Elegant, functional protective clothing

    In addition to the riding airbag, safety packs include protective clothing specially designed for riders. From modern-style bomber jackets to elegant show jackets, these garments offer protection while remaining comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. They incorporate impact- and abrasion-resistant materials, guaranteeing optimum safety without compromising style. The airbag is almost invisible when worn under a jacket or blouson. All the garments presented in these packs are perfectly adapted to the deformation caused by the release of air in the safety vest. The material is supple and follows the airbag's lines perfectly.

    Safety first

    Safety packs are available for both men and women. Riders from all walks of life can benefit from these cutting-edge solutions, adapted to their morphology and tastes. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the world of equestrianism, these safety packs give you the confidence you need to practice your passion with complete peace of mind.

    Rider safety packs combine the Twist'air riding airbag with stylish protective clothing. Designed for both men and women, these packs offer advanced protection during equestrian activities. Don't compromise your safety, opt for solutions that will give you complete confidence and let you live your passion for riding to the full.

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