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  • Horse Pilot riding competition jackets

    The equestrian show jacket is the must-have equestrian gear to have in competition. In official competition, the horse riding jacket is part of the regulatory outfit required by the FFE. It did not need more for Horse Pilot to lean on the question.

    Our women, men and children show jackets

    Horse Pilot offers horse equipment, from saddlery to horse fetlock guards. But competitors at heart are not left out. After technical riding pants and riding helmets, complete your competitive rider's gear. Find the right competition jacket for your performance and style needs.

    A premium brand of riding competition jackets

    Meet the requirements of official show jackets, yes, but with the class and quality of the top brands. As with your riding gear, opt for a performance competition jacket with a modern and timeless fit. The high quality of materials and workmanship guarantee you a durable equestrian outfit. The jackets are then expensive but it is possible to find cheap horse riding show jackets during sales.

    The Horse Pilot collection of show jackets

    Keep it stylish and comfortable in the saddle or during your course recce. Our breathable, stretchy riding jackets come in a variety of styles for your dressage, eventing, show jumping or Hunter competitions. Every point is thought out, down to the smallest button and other careful finishing touches, to meet federal regulations and your aesthetic requirements.

    Show jackets compatible with Horse Pilot airbags

    Combine elegance and safety with our airbag compatible show jackets with mesh. Our comfortable, sleeveless airbag vests, sold as a kit, slip on underneath the garment. You keep the aesthetics of your jacket, even quilted with your protective vest. Your compatible garment allows the airbag to inflate in the event of a fall, and then return to its original shape, without deformation.

    Allowed colors for your Horse Pilot riding competition jacket

    Vary your style with carefully selected colors from your equestrian gear specialist. Aside from the classic black, dare to use dark blue or gray on your dressage jacket. Bring some sunshine to the competition field with Hunter beige, red, brown or a shade of green. This is your chance to match your jacket to your saddle pad, riding breeches or pads.

    Customizable show jackets

    Start with a unique fitted black women's equestrian show jackets) or a two-tone men's equestrian show jackets. Horse Pilot offers customizable show jackets. Choose your riding jacket, then customize the buttons and trims on pockets, collars, etc. You can even add a patch to run the cable for your Horse Pilot protective airbag vest.

    Why buy a riding competition jacket to compete in

    Even the looser rules of equestrian center or regional competitions call for specific show attire, especially in dressage and show jumping. The show jacket is one of the mandatory riding clothes in the equestrian outfit. It is worn over a shirt or polo shirt with impeccable short sleeves. It is part of the traditional dress code to be respected. Today, the rules allow for a variety of colors. Thus, you can bring a touch of originality while sober.

    The models are also becoming more comfortable and technical. Materials like a softshell jacket increase their technicality for a waterproof jacket, elastic or offer a windproof lining. When a hoodie, jacket or parka equip you at the stables, your show jacket brings elegance to the rider's outfit.

    Equestrian show jackets
    Equestrian show jackets

    The different types of equestrian show jackets

    Equestrian sports each have their own specific show attire. Horse Pilot will accompany you in your equestrian activities. Choose your versatile show jacket for women, for men and for kids.

    Show jumping jackets

    Pass your obstacles with the freedom of movement of a short, well-tailored men's or women's jacket. An ergonomic fit and breathable, stretchy fabric follow your figure, right into the effort. Long sleeves cover the wrists, even when your hands come up to the neckline to accompany the horse's jumps.

    Dressage jackets

    Opt for a versatile riding show jacket or the elegance of the dressage frac available in stock. This long dressage jacket is adorned with a tailcoat suitable for riding. It offers a classy design without disturbing the horse or rider's seat, even when galloping. You have two models for women, in long or mid-length versions.

    Good quality technical jackets for showing

    Horse Pilot continuously develops a wide range of quality products for your riding gear and equestrian equipment. We prioritize the use of innovative technology to ensure that your jacket, whether zipped or buttoned, will be with you for a long time.

    Comfortable riding competition jackets

    Composed of a bi-stretch synthetic material, your women's, men's or children's jacket is made lightweight. It has an elasticity, making it flexible in all your movements, even over your polyester short-sleeve show shirts. No matter which model of riding jacket you prefer, the fit is ergonomic and close to the body. An opening in the back ensures a perfect fit in the barn, just like riding. The seams are designed for the comfort of a woman or a man. Combined with a second-skin feel, you enjoy a comfortable, chafe-free jacket.

    Performing competition jackets

    Thanks to a pre-shaped cut, the jacket for men or women's model adapts to the rider's posture in competition. The material of our jackets is breathable, with quick drying. Some models offer additional options, such as Aerotech with its breathability enhanced by well-placed laser perforations. This increases heat removal in intense efforts.

    Designer riding competition jackets for riding

    Enjoy a clever system for opening and closing your jacket. Thanks to a discreet zip or stylish magnetic buttons, one hand is all you need. The streamlined, ergonomic design is reflected in every detail. The cuffs are carefully cut to keep the hand mobile and the sleeve long in all circumstances. The cuts and materials are designed for a perfect fall of the jackets. Finishes such as martingales and the presence of the Horse Pilot logo in embroidery accentuate the elegance of the cut.

    How to choose your show riding jacket

    According to official or federal requirements, your equestrian competition jacket must be tailored and correct. Related to the blazer, it must be clean and accompany you everywhere: from the course recognition on foot to the prize-giving, without forgetting in the saddle during your passage. The material, finishes and color, sober, are only a matter of taste and personal selection criteria.

    A riding competition jacket for each equestrian discipline

    Show jumping, dressage or eventing, horseback riding is above all a sport that requires the rider to be free to move. Our jackets are made of stretchy and breathable materials. Riders, choose your versatile men's competition jacket. Female riders, choose a women's show jacket adapted to your equestrian discipline.

    Show jacket size guide

    As with your grip show pants or zip-up riding boots, your show jacket should fit your body type. Horse Pilot jackets are ergonomically designed to enhance your figure. A nice anatomical slim-fit textile cut enhances women. For small and large arms, a cutout at the cuffs ensures long sleeves can be worn without impeding hand movement. Men's sizes range from 42 to 56. Women find their size from 32 to 46. And girls and boys get a boy's horse riding show jacket and girl's size 10, 12 or 14. Take advantage of the new collection or discounted prices on older collections, without having to wait for sales.

    How to maintain a riding competition jacket

    There's no need to wash your show jacket after each use. Shake it regularly to remove dust. As on helmets, small surface stains are easily removed by hand. Air out your jacket as much as possible in the open air.

    Machine washable, close all zippers, buttons and velcro before washing. Turn your riding gear inside out and select the delicate cycle on your washing machine. To preserve your riding gear longer, wash at 30°C maximum, using an organic or mild detergent only. Air drying is recommended, with a wide hanger to avoid marks. Ironing is optional and is done on the reverse side.

    Equestrian show jackets