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  • Buying a used riding airbag vest

    The well-being of the rider also depends on his safety. You want to equip yourself with an effective horse riding airbag vest, but you have a small budget. Buying second-hand protective equipment can be a good opportunity. You still have to choose your used equipment carefully.

    How to choose your second-hand riding airbag vest?

    Buying new riding gear can be expensive, especially when you're looking for quality and name brands. If you want to know more about cheap horse riding airbag vest. When your budget asks you to lower the prices, the occasion presents a good alternative. However, opting for a new model raises some questions. So when investing in used riding gear, there are a few things to check. Especially when it comes to equestrian protections, for you or your child.

    Your settings of choice

    His general condition

    You have found an advertisement that interests you. Make sure that the second-hand airbag vest, intended for your riding practice, does not show any signs of wear or holes. Ask for additional photos if necessary. Ask the seller if the airbag has ever been triggered. If yes, how many times? In what conditions) ? Has it suffered shocks and repairs? Prefer an inflation vest in new condition, which has been little used.

    Check the characteristics of this riding equipment on the Internet. Is it breathable? Is it adjustable and adjustable? If so, with rubber bands or straps? What is it made of (nylon, synthetic, mesh, etc.)? Check the size guide. You can also ask to trigger the airbag to make sure that the firing pin is functional and that the air bags are inflating properly. You will of course have to replace the cartridge after this test.

    Its conformity

    Make sure that your inflatable equestrian protective vest meets current standards.

    Promotions on the range of Horse Pilot airbag compatible clothing

    To avoid interfering with the inflation of your protective equipment, wear your airbag under compatible clothing. Horse Pilot offers you all year round a range of riding clothes adapted to be worn with your airbag vest. Does the new collection seem too expensive for your wallet? With us, there is no need for sales. Find our riding jackets, blousons and sleeveless overvests compatible with our riding airbag vests, on sale. Find a stretch competition jacket that matches the color of your riding breeches with grip or a waterproof jacket on sale. All this while taking advantage of the best prices.

    Second hand horse riding airbag vest
    Second hand horse riding airbag vest

    3 tips to avoid falling

    Each time the airbag vest is triggered, the CO2 cartridge must be replaced. This gas cartridge is essential to its operation. It is this element that inflates the air cushions. So, without a gas-filled cartridge, there is no functional vest. The ideal is still not to fall, because no fall, no release! So here are three tips to avoid falling.

    Tip #1: watch where you're going

    When you learn to ride a bike or drive a car, you learn to look ahead. Specifically, in the direction you are going. If you look at the edge of the pavement, you have a high chance of taking it. In horseback riding, it's the same. Don't look at the ground or you'll end up there and spoil an airbag cartridge. Looking down, you take a bad position in your saddle that throws you off balance. A sudden movement of your mount, like a simple gap, and there you are, leaving your stirrups to embrace the sand of the quarry. In short, it is better to watch the flying birds to stay on your horse's back.

    Tip #2: Keep a Positive Mind

    Having a negative mental attitude guides your body and your actions to realize your negative thought. Telling yourself that you are going to fall, that your horse is going to refuse the obstacle, or something else, is to program yourself for failure. You also interfere with the harmony with your horse. Instead of seeing yourself defeated, visualize yourself as a winner. Imagine the obstacle successfully overcome, the course finished, the final reward... Pleasant images act favorably on your brain. This therefore transmits the right information to your body to succeed. Wearing an airbag reassures the beginner rider, as well as the confirmed rider in eventing, western, and even in driving. Your airbag protective vest is a good way to develop positive thinking. Your confidence is transmitted to your horse and increases your mutual trust.

    Tip #3: Take it step by step

    If you're just starting out, there's no need to think you're Bartabas or Roger-Yves Bost. Don't set yourself insurmountable goals. Riding an experienced horse in an equestrian center is safer than riding a foal in the middle of breaking in. Avoid going from a simple bar on the ground to a 140 cm obstacle if you have never done show jumping. To progress quickly and well, it is better to act in stages. This allows you to gain positive experiences. Which ties in with the previous tip. This is also valid for the horse or the pony. Develop it gradually. If you put him in a situation of failure, because he lacks physical preparation or experience, he can develop a negative behavior. Again faced with a similar situation, he is likely to have a defensive attitude with kicks, ass kicking starts, refusals or evasions. So, horse and rider, promote success and end each practice session on a high.

    What is an airbag riding vest?

    Beyond blankets, saddles, halters and leads, horse equipment includes protections such as boots and gaiters. For the rider, the riding airbag vest is a superb invention designed to protect him in the event of a fall. New or used, its use continues to grow among riders of all levels, both in training and on the competition trails. It becomes essential equestrian equipment, both in endurance and dressage, or even in Hunter.

    Why wear an airbag safety vest while riding?

    Horse riding is a sport that presents risks in the event of a fall. With a protective airbag vest in the rider's equipment, he gains in confidence and safety. The riding helmet only protects the head. While the vest provides you with optimal protection of the upper body during falls, like the motorcycle airbag jacket. The rider can thus ride safely by combining the bomb with the airbag.

    How does the riding airbag work?

    Once the rider mounts, he connects his vest to the saddle with a tether strap. When the rider falls from the horse, the strap detaches from the vest, which triggers its inflation. The various air cushions are filled with gas to absorb the shock. They are strategically placed to effectively protect the upper body and its vital areas, from the neck to the coccyx.

    What are the advantages of the riding airbag?

    The back protector, as the name suggests, only protects the back. As for the classic cross vest, it protects the back and ribs. Both have foams that can hamper your movements and compress you. While the airbag protection guarantees great freedom of movement. To continue the comparison, the airbag is lighter and more airy. So you can wear it in summer without suffering from the heat.

    How is a riding airbag vest worn?

    It can be used over any clothing during training. In winter, keep warm by adding a jacket. In dressage competition or show jumping, wear your favorite competition jacket. As long as it's airbag compatible garments, such as those in our Horse Pilot range, you dress your way.

    Who should wear an airbag riding vest?

    You are a beginner rider and you are afraid of falling. You are competing in cross country or obstacle. The airbag safety vest is not mandatory, but anyone can wear it alone, properly fitted, or over a CCE cross protection vest.

    Second hand horse riding airbag vest