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  • Laura Kraut

    The winning is not always the reward

    Country: United States

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    Rider Laura Kraut

    Training place

    Wellington, Floride, USA

    The rest of the year I am in Europe and split my time between Nick Skelton’s stable in England and Travers Horse Facility in Holland.

    Best results

    • Olympics Medalist in Tokyo 2020 with Baloutinue

    • WEG 2018 with Zeremonie

    • Olympics Medalist in Beijing 2008 with Cedric



    Laura Kraut is an important figure of Equestrian Top Sport since decades’ now, with tremendous amazing rankings, as a multiple Olympics & Championships Medalist. But beyond the rider, she is a true Horsewomen and an incredible competitor, with strong values, as an athlete and as a person.

    Laura Kraut is an example of resilience and abnegation, for her horses and for the sport, she puts them & the training in the thick of her system. Laura strongly believes that, at this level, the winning is not always the reward, it’s all about the process & improving, on your horse and on your riding which is, for sure, an inspirational guideline of any riders, from amators to 5* level.

    As an athlete, Laura Kraut cares about having the right equipment and knows how much it matters to perform at top level. All she is, as rider & as a woman, made us extremely proud to support her in her process and inspire us to design the future of equestrian sport apparel.


    "I was admiring outerwear and riding jackets worn by other riders so I stopped by a both at a show one day to check it out. I was interested in what I saw and now they are my clothing sponsor."


    "I’ve only just started wearing Horse Pilot but I would have to say the outerwear is amazing! I also have a true crush on the Monica Shirt, which was inspired & co designed by the amazing Monica Ward, for sure a must have."


    "I do not really have a ritual that I follow. I’m never been a very superstitious person."


    "A rider must be passionate about the process of training horses. The big wins to not come that often so your motivation must come from building a relationship with your horses."

    Athletes' words

    Laura Kraut, international 5* rider and team silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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