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Children's riding clothes

Riding requires the right attire, from a young age. Equip your junior rider with Horse Pilot children's riding clothes, from 10 years old.

Which child riding outfit to choose and why? Don't panic, we are here to help you. So your girl or boy, can enjoy their passion with peace of mind.

Horse Pilot riding clothes for children and teens

Your child may have started out on a Shetland pony, but they’ve since grown up. Their riding clothes must grow with them. Or is your teen princess taking her first steps on horseback? Regardless, you are looking for reliable riding apparel for your child.

A collection of girls' and boys' riding clothes from age 10 and up

Riding trousers with silicone grips help your child stay in the saddle. Riding tops, such as sweatshirts and technical t-shirts are available in blue, beige, red, etc., for a look that is both modern and conservative. Elegant and well-fitted show jackets with reinforced elbows help them win presentation points from the judges... In short, discover our complete line of functional clothing specifically designed for equestrian sports.

Quality riding clothes for kids and teens

Give them the best of innovative, high-performance and comfortable sports garments. We select each fabric for its benefits and design garments that are durable and perform well. Elastane and spandex provide elasticity, mesh increases breathability and our cotton is organic. Horse Pilot clothing is lightweight and breathable and tailored to the rider’s position, both on the ground and on the horse.

Why choose children's riding clothes for pony rides?

Riding outfits are specific to equestrian sports. They are comprised of technical clothing adapted to the rider’s movements, both for riding and working at the stables. Functional clothing is designed to stretch and be comfortable. It improves rider safety for all ages. Of course, it also provides protection from the weather. Quality riding clothes are breathable and durable, whether they are warm or light, UV or water resistant. 

How should I dress my child for horseback riding?

When your child is just starting out, you should wait before buying the full set of equipment for both horse and rider. Proper riding clothing is essential for comfort and safety. Start with these few articles of clothing and add to them as they progress.

What horse riding equipment does my child need to start riding?

The tack room or the saddlery at the riding centre or pony club provides riders with grooming equipment and equipment for the horse: halter, saddle, girth, padded rug, snaffle, bridle, etc. As for the rider's equipment, it offers helmets for loan. However, it is preferable to have your own riding helmet. A protective vest is optional, but it is helpful if you fall, both for beginners and experienced riders. 

Riding trousers or leggings quickly become essential. Close-fitting, stretchy and snug, proper trousers prevent creasing and overheating. Leather or rubber riding boots complete the bottom half. This protects the legs from risk of injury due to friction with the saddle. A useful tip: watch for big brand sales to get quality products at a lower cost. 


What Outfit does a child need for pony or horseback riding?

Equip your champion so they can succeed. A pair of children's riding pant adjust to their movements and are ventilated to reduce perspiration. Warm clothing is also important. Like a softshell kid's riding jacket this magical material is water repellent, breathable and warm. High collars protect against the wind. And a hood protects your rider from the rain without getting in the way.

Riding socks, which are designed so that seams stay in place, keep their feet comfortable in their boots. Riding boots can be replaced by boots and mini-chaps. Shoes must always have a heel of about 2 cm and non-slip soles, which keeps the foot in the stirrup.

In summer, the hands are adorned with lightweight mittens that prevent the reins from slipping with sweat. In winter, fingers stay warm, in thick leather or fleece-lined gloves. All this, while maintaining sensitivity on the reins.

What equipment should you choose to start riding competitions?

Adventurous children can get started in competition at an early age. Jumping and dressage competitions require appropriate protective equipment and clothing for the rider. For safety reasons, a standard riding helmet is mandatory. A protective vest, back protector or riding airbag vest is recommended. As far as show clothes are concerned, white or light-coloured trousers, a polo shirt or show shirt and a fitted short-fitting children's riding jacket are the essentials.

How do I choose my child's riding clothes?

Buying children's riding clothes is not always easy. Price variations, brands and a wide range of products can be overwhelming. First, you look at the design. Then, you select the materials and cut. It’s easier to make the right choice when your child can try on the clothes.

Riding clothes suitable for junior riders

Good quality technical clothing comes at a cost. So make sure you choose a size that fits your child. Clothing that is too small will restrict movement. If you buy the clothing too big anticipating a growth spurt, it will also impede movement and compromise safety. Is your child tall? Look at adult clothing. If, for example, your son is between size 14 and size S for men, choose women's trousers in women's riding clothes. You can also look at running apparel for men. At Horse Pilot, our sizing guides help you choose the right size. If your item does not fit, you can exchange it or get a refund. A question or concern? We will be happy to provide you with answers. 

Children's and teen's riding clothes for every season

Functional clothing is adapted to the weather and temperature outside. You can wear socks year round, either by changing them for the season or adding a pair in winter. Fleece or faux fur serves as lining. There are also warm styles of riding boots and booties.

The same for riding breeches. Breathable, lightweight riding trousers for summer can be worn over a warm pair of leggings in winter. A waterproof overtrouser protects you for riding and training in the rain. Winter riding trousers are also available.

Gloves vary according to the season. Riding t-shirts and polo shirts are perfect for children and teenagers all year round. They can be worn alone or under a jumper, down jacket, raincoat or riding coat, for example.

A sleeveless down jacket is perfect for mid-season and winter. It protects your child from the cold, both on foot and on the horse. It fits perfectly under a parka or a thicker, water-repellent coat.

In short, there is clothing for all weather conditions.

How do I take care for my child's riding clothes.

Technical riding clothes are easy to care for. They are usually machine washable on cold or 30°C; use the synthetic or delicate programme. This is the case for our entire line of functional garments. Turning them inside out and closing zippers, velcro and other fasteners reduces washing damage. Use a mild detergent without fabric softener. Do you have hard water? Add a dash of vinegar to the softener tray. Using a wash bag preserves even the most fragile clothes, including your underwear. Air dry. If in doubt, consult the label.


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