horse pilot Technology

Technology at the service of horseback riding

Aerotech Technology

An extreme breathability during effort


A high level of protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Extremlayer Technology

Regulate the interior ventilation of the garment

PreformFit Technology

Free up your movement

Tape Technology

Integrated Physiotherapy

Posturemotion Technology

Control and muscular tone

Extraconfort Technology

Your second skin

Coldblock Technology

Unmatched weight-to-heat ratio

Compression Technology

Optimizing muscular performance

Seamless technology

The "without seams" technology. Improves the wearing comfort in sports.

Thermoregulation Technology

The right temperature at any time

Technology at the service of horseback riding

Horse Pilot integrates technical and innovative concepts into its clothing. Our leitmotiv: to bring the best of textile technology to riders. Our team analyses the needs of riders day after day. Each of our garments is designed and engineered to meet their expectations for performance, protection and excellence. The search for optimization is our permanent commitment. The four pillards of our innovation: make movements easier, increase performances, improve confort and protect the riders.