Integrated Physiotherapy


The principe

Taping acts on muscles during practice in multiple ways. It secures, relieves, and tones all areas in contact with the integrated bands.


Flexible means of restraint

Taping is a flexible means of restraint. These coloured bands, seen on athletes such as David Beckham, Serena Williams and Gaël Monfils, allow tensile forces to be applied to the skin. And – in turn – to the other interlinked structures.

To consolidate muscle support during practice

Constantly seeking ever more active clothing, we have added taping tapes to our trousers to consolidate muscle support during practice. The taping is directly integrated into the textile itself, requiring numerous manufacturing tests. We also approved the resistance of the process by a quality control over time.

Where to find it?

This technology is used on all our riding outfits: jacket, trousers and shirt. You will find here a selection of our Horse Pilot garments incorporating this technology.