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  • Maintenance

    Care guides for your riding clothes.


    Imagining the clothes of tomorrow, clothes that would advance our sport sustainably.
    This is one of our strong motivations at Horse Pilot.

    To create real added value that lasts.

    We believe that your role as a user is essential, here are our tips and tricks so that your products accompany you for a long time.

    Browse our maintenance guides:

    Our general tips for washing your clothes

    Follow the label

    The first reflex to have is to check the instructions on the care label.

    If the symbols look like hieroglyphs to you, go here.

    Wash less

    For all our clothes, we recommend that you wash them only when necessary. Machine washings contribute to the wear and tear of materials, closures, Velcro, zippers and other finishes.

    They are also large consumers of water and energy. It is estimated that laundry water is responsible for more than a third of the plastic micro-particles found in the oceans.

    To limit to aggravate this last observation, we advise the use of these filtering washing bags: Guppyfriend Washing Bag.

    Use environmentally friendly detergents

    You will find our eco-responsible cleaning products such as the detergent for technical clothing, the waterproofing product for rain jackets or our deodorizer to give your sportswear back its freshness.

    Turn colored garments inside out to preserve their color.

    Air dry

    Spread your clothes outdoors and if possible outside. Turn colored clothing inside out to prevent fading. Avoid leaving them in the washing machine for too long.

    We do not recommend tumble drying, which wears out the products prematurely and uses energy.

    Without softener is better

    Fabric softener makes fabrics softer but uses a waxy material that is deposited on the surface of the garment.

    This can degrade the breathable/quick-drying effect, reduce the life span of the elastane or loosen the heat-sealed seams in our technical garments.


    Si malgré ces conseils, vous ne vous en sortez pas, contactez-nous

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