125 – 135 Chrildren’s jumper

training place

Bi-coastal competitive show jumper

Best results

  • Honored at the Las Vegas National Show as #1 Children’s Rider in North America
  • 1st Place NAJYRC Jumping Children’s Team & Individual, HITS Saugerties, FEI North American Jr & Young Rider Championships

A Gold made Kid !

Why Horse Pilot?

I have always LOVED Horse Pilot!! It is one of the only brands that truly fits my body: the rise in the breeches, the texture, the fabric, not to mention the colors! I love that I can design my own jacket, because I love bold colors.

Horse Pilot crush

The Aerotech Royal Blue Jacket ! I love how vibrant the color is, and I feel proud and special when I am riding into the ring in it !

Aerotech jacket

Her Rituals

My ritual is that I need to be in a crowd, surrounded by my fellow teammates where we discuss the course, what our plan is for the ride, just talking it through. It keeps my nerves down and keeps me from overthinking the course.

Another ritual is that I make sure my horse gets a treat and a snuggle before I go into the show ring.

Best memory as a Pilot

Flying Callao to New York for the first time and competing at the Championships in Saugerties. Callao and I were so in sync with each other that we were unstoppable, I felt on top of the world being the only one to have all clear rounds the entire time. It was like I was in a dream.

NAJYRC Jumping Children’s Team & Individual